Staff Editorial: Pay attention to world news

The Chimes staff explains why it is important to engage in world news.

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The Chimes staff explains why it is important to engage in world news. | [Creative Commons]


We think it is safe to say that college students are notorious for being out of touch with the world. And it makes sense. After all, whatever is happening in Ukraine probably seems entirely irrelevant to our day-to-day life, especially when a plethora of other obligations demand our attention: school, work, relationships, church, season five of “Community” — the list goes on.

On top of that, when we decide to engage in world news, we find ourselves immersed in information overload. There is so much happening, it seems impossible to determine what is worth caring about. It almost makes sense to give up on the whole endeavour and focus on areas in our lives where we can make a difference. But should we?

As college students we often feel submerged in the here and now. However, this is our world — a world we are to inherit, shape and change over the course of our lives. Now is the time to become acquainted with its beauty and messes so we can join its ranks as informed citizens.

Tips on staying up-to-date

Staying in touch with the world does not have to be difficult. Although you may not have television, an easy way to keep in touch with the world is through social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reach far beyond the knowledge of what your second cousin’s daughter had for breakfast. If you follow the right people, such as local news stations and national newspapers, you can become informed while scrolling through your news feed.

Another convenient way to stay in tune with world news is to seize a free copy of the New York Times, compliments of Associated Students. Even reading captions and the first paragraphs of stories will help increase your knowledge of global issues and current events.

A responsibility to be informed

Whether we feel like it or not, world news demands a response. We have the choice to either turn a blind eye, or as Gandhi would put it, “Be the change [we] wish to see in the world.” In some respects, our generation seems to be taking Gandhi’s advice with all our social justice missions and organizations, seeking to help those less fortunate. However, by tuning out the latest rumble from around the globe, we become stagnant and our indifference ultimately contributes to the stench of a society with many problems and few solutions.

There is no reason you should not be informed. Abstain from ignorance and indulge in education about the world around.


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