Women’s basketball falls in weekend showdown with Vanguard

The No. 1 Vanguard Lions outscored the Eagles by 20 points in the second to defeat Biola at home.



Junior Desiree Robinson throws the ball to another Eagle during an out of bound play against Vanguard on Feb. 8. The No. 1 Vanguard Lions outscored the Eagles by 20 points in the second half to defeat Biola at home. | Tomber Su/THE CHIMES

Laurie Bullock, Writer

Due to a difficult trap defense and lack of shots falling, the Eagles fell 76-53 to the undefeated Vanguard University Lions on Saturday. Biola’s record is now 8-16 overall and 3-5 in GSAC.

The game started out at a fast pace. Just 15 seconds into the game Biola found themselves trailing when guard Nicole Ballestero put up a three-pointer for the Lions.

Biola was trailing 17-11 with 10 minutes to go in the first half. The Eagles put up two shots from outside the field to shorten Vanguard’s lead and trail behind by only a point.

The Eagles took the lead at 24-20 with four minutes left to play in the first half. However, the lead was short lived, and the Eagles once again fell behind to end the first half trailing 31-28.

The Lions put up a 13-point lead against the Eagles within six minutes of the second quarter.

“We were neck and neck with them in the first quarter,” senior forward Adjiat Adams said. “I was hoping to keep that momentum going in the second half, but once their guards starting hitting shots it was hard for us to bring our intensity that we had in the first half back up.”

Biola had 12 opportunities to score from outside the field but only completed two of those shots. The Eagles also got caught up in Vanguard’s trap defense, the Lions were able to make 16 of their points off of turnovers in the second half alone.

The Eagles could not come back from the strong lead that Vanguard established and finished the game 76-53.

Biola’s next game will be at San Diego Christian College on Feb. 11 at 5:30 p

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