Our most anticipated albums of 2014

Parker Munson predicts some of the most impressive albums of 2014.



Parker Munson, Writer

It’s no secret that music is unpredictable. Nevertheless, it’s often quite shocking. For instance, who would have guessed one of the most talked about artists of 2013 would be a curly-haired pop phenom from New Zealand? Or that mainstream hip-hop would embrace the most polarizing rap album in recent memory, by one of the most controversial characters in the game, as an act of pure genius? Or that some of the earliest pioneers of alternative rock and shoegaze would drop their first new album in 22 years?

While the future remains indisputably uncertain, there is a good bit of buzz that suggests we can already suspect some big things from 2014.




Beck – “Morning Phase”

Finally releasing the follow-up to 2008’s “Modern Guilt,” Beck returns with a 1960s California folk-inspired rock album. We have always known Beck was something of a mastermind, but his 2012 “Song Reader” solidified it. Now here is an album for the rest of us who cannot read sheet music. “Morning Phase” is available off Capitol Records on Feb. 25.

Don VanClease | www.mtv.com [Creative Commons]

Alabama Shakes – TBA

After three Grammy nominations, the soul-soaked southern rock band is expected to release their sophomore album sometime this year. Sources say the band has already finished recording, so it is only a matter of time.



sanchbelglam.blogspot.com [Creative Commons]

Lana Del Rey – “Ultra Violence”

Despite selling five million copies worldwide, Lana Del Rey’s 2012 debut did not solicit keen responses from critics, which might be motivation enough for her come out swinging with her second album. Not many details are available about the singer-songwriter’s next album, but since Del Rey announced the album’s title last December, we have had our fingers crossed for a 2014 release date.



wikimedia.org [Creative Commons]

Wilco – TBA

Again, not too many details on this one other than the certainty of a new album. However, frontman Jeff Tweedy has told a few sources that the new album will be “less conventional” than their latest releases. If less conventional means means “more like ‘I am trying to break your heart,’” then that’s something to be excited about.


wikimedia.org [Creative Commons]

Outkast – TBA

This one might be the biggest stretch, but as the legendary hip-hop duo gears up to take the stage at over 40 festivals this summer, it is not too far-fetched to suppose they have got new material in the works.


wikimedia.org [Creative Commons]

Kanye West – TBA

As if we have not heard enough, Kanye West has told multiple sources that he hopes to release another album, potentially during the summer of 2014. West told Rolling Stone that the album will most likely be only eight songs because, as he says, “It’s just reducing down the amount of information you need.” Whatever that means, the reign of Yeezus is not over.

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