Parking structure construction hits two month countdown

Students look forward to the completion of the new parking structure that will open in late March.


Natalie Lockard/THE CHIMES

Anne Marie Larson, Writer


Construction of the new parking structure in what used to be the parking lot for Alpha and Horton continues as students anxiously await its completion. It is expected to be finished in March. | Natalie Lockard/THE CHIMES


The loop that runs around Alpha and Horton Halls will cease to exist by April 2, the planned opening date of the new parking structure.


The road that runs next to the creek will be repaved so the road between Emerson and Horton can return to a pedestrian-only walkway, said Brian Phillips, senior director of facilities management. The fence creating a temporary path in front of the dorms will also be removed.

Kaitlin Bradford, a sophomore elementary education major, said she looks forward to the convenience of more parking, but is currently disturbed by the ruckus. The proximity of the workers outside makes her roommate uncomfortable, Bradford said. That and the unpleasant view of the cement structure cause Bradford and her roommate to rarely open their blinds.

The construction most heavily affects students living in Alpha and Horton, as they are subject to the daily racket outside. Students are more annoyed with how early the noise begins than with the noise itself because it interrupts their slumber.

“They are up really early. They are loud and you can hear the jackhammers,” said Alpha Hall resident and sophomore music education major Josenee Chien. Chien’s room is located close to the construction on the east side of the residence hall.

Horton resident and senior psychology major Anna Vollema said she hears the work begin from 7 to 8 a.m. and then stop.

“If they started an hour later, that would be fine,” Vollema said.

Phillips explained that construction is an industry that starts early in the morning.

“It’s a tricky balance between customer service to students and working with the contractor to stay on schedule,” Phillips said.


The construction will be finished by the end of March, bringing an end to the unwelcome wakeups. 

“The noise will be much better for Horton and Alpha from April on. It will be much quieter in that area,” Phillips explained.

However, construction on the new residence hall will begin shortly after, transferring the noise issue to Sigma residents, Phillips said.

The parking structure is on time and on budget, so Phillips said he expects it to receive a certificate of occupancy on April 2, meaning students can begin parking in the five-level structure.

They are working hard to stay on schedule, Phillips added. No accidents or injuries have occurred throughout the duration of the project, which began in April 2013.

As of now, two of the five levels on the south end of the structure remain to be completed. Phillips said he anticipates the final concrete pour will be completed by the end of February. After the structure is complete, they will begin painting the building and landscaping the surrounding area.

“I’d sure like it to be sooner, but anything can happen,” Phillips said.

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