Staff Editorial: Embracing Biola’s hidden gems

The Chimes staff encourages students to take advantage of the free opportunities Biola has to offer.



Author of “Freefall to Fly,” Rebekah Lyons shares about being plagued with anxiety after moving to New York City and how it led to her surrender. Each presenter at the event was given seven minutes to share prior to the panel discussion. | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES

Chimes Staff, Writer

Author of "Freefall to Fly," Rebekah Lyons shares about being plagued with anxiety after moving to New York City and how it led to her surrender during a free lecture last week. The Chimes staff highlights free opportunities that Biola has to offer to students. | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES [file photo]


Many of us go through our time at Biola unaware of the opportunities within close proximity of campus. We either complain about our boring weekends, or we think we do not have many chances to hone our talents and sharpen our minds outside of classes. What gets overlooked, though, are the many offerings Biola provides for its students. Don’t believe us?

Special lectures

If you have ever uttered a word about the high price of Biola’s tuition, you have no excuse as to why you do not attend the special lectures on campus. Between the Center for Christian Thought and newly-launched Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts, there are events throughout the semester that should not be missed. While sitting in a lecture may seem like the last thing a busy student should want to do with a free night, turn off whatever reality show you were planning to watch instead and gather to learn about actual reality. Speakers from across the country, and often across the pond, come here to enrich your mind throughout the semester. The least you can do is show up, listen and learn something you won’t find in a textbook.

Biola’s alive on Saturday nights

It is a quiet Saturday night. Instead of going to the the Night Owl for a $4 latte or spending a fortune on a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, see what Biola has to offer over the weekend. Although many flee campus during the freedom of the weekend, there are some great — not to mention free — events like sports games or Conservatory concerts. Just last Saturday, the volleyball team beat Westmont inside Chase Gymnasium, University Communications and Marketing served donuts outside of Chase Gym and the Biola Conservatory held a concert in Crowell Hall. The great thing is, these were all free! Not only will you save money, but you will get to experience the talents of those at Biola.

Get published

Maybe you're a writer at heart, walking around with that dazed "I have no clue what I'm going to do with my life" look in your eyes. Luckily, Biola offers plenty of opportunities to try your hand at writing and gaining practical experience, regardless of your major. Between The Point, Inkslinger and of course the Chimes, there are tons of opportunities to get your work published. What's that you say? Aren't magazines, literary journals and newspapers old hat? One could make that argument. But there's no disputing your name in a byline shows publishers you're up to snuff. So go on — take advantage of the freelancing opportunities around you. They may never come this easily again.

Pick a park, any park

Biola is also in close proximity to some excellent parks. You may be familiar with La Mirada Regional Park across the street behind Splash!, but have you been to the Ralph B. Clark Regional Park just down Rosecrans? It’s delightful. There are rolling lawns, plenty of trees, fishing, firepits, baseball fields and even short hiking trails. It’s the perfect place for a picnic, a stroll or a homework getaway. And across the street from the park, right off the sidewalk is a path that leads up to the best vista of the area — you can see all the way to the ocean and the L.A. skyline.

Before you complain about the lack of things to do over the weekend around Biola, try some of these suggestions.

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