AS Senate Rundown: Oct. 31, 2013

The senate votes to pass seven out of the nine proposals made last week and shares action steps taken on construction noise concerns.

Grant Walter/THE CHIMES


Grant Walter/THE CHIMES

Heather Leith, Writer

The senate meeting began on the afternoon of Halloween with a recap of recent Associated Students events. Suggestions to improve the Oct. 23rd EagleFest included better promotion so students find out about it earlier. Complaints about Punk ‘n Pie included the sound not being up to par and the first half of the show being a little slow compared to the second. Senators agreed that the intramural showcase at Biola Weekend was enjoyable, but Block senator Brittany Woods said it would have been helpful to tell people to bring chairs to McNally field.

The next AS event is Midnight Madness at 10 p.m. on Nov. 10 in Chase Gymnasium. Jennifer Essig, vice president of events and programming, instructed senators to spread the word among residents.

The senate voted on the nine proposals heard at last week’s open proposal day.


  • The senate voted to pass James Zapata’s proposal for a guys night/girls night movie and discussion event in Horton Hall for $100.
  • Caitlin David’s proposal for $300 to fund a graduate admissions event passed in full. In support of the event, Emerson senator Drew Mattocks said it would be a good idea to spend some of the contingency fund on something with an academic focus.
  • Funding for Jonathan Joyce’s proposal for $50 for posters advertising an outreach ministry at Whittier College was passed. “This could be the start to something that could get really big for Biola,” Block senator Woods said.
  • Jackie Sarmiento’s proposal to fund the premiere of the Biola Film, “Heritage,” was passed for the full amount of $2,000. After much debate, the senate decided that it was worth the money because of the large-scale importance of the project. “As soon as I told people it was a Biola Film, they were already more inclined to go,” Hart senator Tyler Hormel said.
  • After being denied at the last round of open proposals, Erika Pontius’s second request for funding for the premiere of her film “Siber” was passed for $2,000, which is $1,237.42 less than she proposed. The senate said that there was not a strong enough desire from students to attend to justify passing the proposal in full. However, they saw the value in providing a free weekend activity and helping Pontius. “We’re supposed to be empowering the student body, and this gets her foot in the door,” Alpha East senator Victoria White said.
  • Tristan Engh and Nolan Scott’s proposal for $807 to fund Hart Hall’s S’More to Love event was passed in full. The s’more roasting on McNally field will be open to all dorms. Hope North senator Elizabeth Britton said in support of the proposal that residents of her dorm want more events on the weekend outside their hall.
  • Brandon Wetmore’s proposal for $3,600 to buy room decorating supplies for Deck the Haven was passed in full. Each room is required to be approved prior to the Dec. 13 event in order to avoid a repeat of last year’s issues with housing, facilities services and Campus Safety, commuter senator Julie Ploehn said.

The total amount passed was $8,857.


  • Hart senator Tyler Hormel’s proposal for $600 for basketball pep rallies in each dorm was denied with seven opposing votes. The senate predicted attendance would be low because of the lack of excitement when they pitched it to students.
  • Raymond Mendiola’s proposal for $500 to fund a fundraiser hosted by Brown Bag ministry, Philosophy club and Star Wars club was denied with eight opposing votes. The senate understood the intent of the fundraiser but since most of the money would be spent on the Collegium rental for an event few students expressed interest in, they thought the contingency fund would be better spent elsewhere.

More proposals made

The senate heard two proposals to be voted on next week, the first from music and arts coordinator Camryn Hudson. She proposed $6,358 for “A Christmas Together,” a two-hour concert featuring Evan Wickham, Tyrone Wells and others. It will coincide with the Christmas tree lighting. The funds would cover the stage rental and Bon Appetit catering and hospitality for performers.

The second came from Leah Ellison and Mark Stacy, students and ROTC cadets who requested $3,100 for a spring banquet in honor of Biola ROTC cadets and veterans of the military. The money would pay for dinner and decorations.

Earplugs and cupcakes

Closing out the meeting, Emerson and Alpha senators White, Mattocks and Garcia shared the results of a meeting they had with five members of the facilities management department regarding construction noise outside their dorms. Garcia said facilities management was eager to meet with them and told the senators they were going to add them to an email list notifying them when construction will happen outside of normal hours. They also agreed to disable the machines from beeping when they drive in reverse. The senators were given boxes of earplugs for their residents, and Garcia said that they are thinking of bringing cupcakes to the workers to let them know they care for them.


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