Addington shines following injury-riddled freshman year

Tyler Gunhus puts the spotlight on Men’s Soccer goalkeeper J.T. Addington


Olivia Blinn

Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES

Tyler Gunhus, Writer

After being injured throughout his first season in collegiate soccer, current sophomore J.T. Addington is now defending the goal for the Eagles as a first string goalkeeper. | Olivia Blinn /THE CHIMES [file photo]

Most soccer players will tell you that one of the most heartbreaking things to happen during a game is watching as the other team scores a goal against you.

Now imagine being the last line of defense before that goal is scored.

That’s the job of goalkeeper J.T. Addington.

“Part of being a goalkeeper is you get all the glory sometimes for your saves, and you get all the hate for what you don’t do right,” Addington said. “It’s a blessing and a curse that comes with the position.”

Men’s soccer dropped their first game of the season this past Saturday at the hands of Concordia University Irvine. The Eagles gave up two second half goals to CUI striker Mario Soto.

Addington played a huge part in keeping it as close as it was, making three saves throughout the game.

The goalkeeper noted that the loss, while difficult to deal with in the moment, means the team now knows what the loss feels like.

“We hadn’t experienced a loss, and it lit a fire in us. It was good getting out of the way now,” Addington said. “I think it was more or less a motivation for us. It brought us back to reality.”


Despite his sophomore status and second year on the team, Addington is playing this season as basically a freshman.

“I broke my wrist in the alumni game last year and was out the entire season,” Addington said. “Coming into the year, I was pretty much a new player.”

This time last season, sophomore Joshua Crichton was leading the Eagles’ back line, leaving Addington in a cast watching from the sideline.

Coming into this year, though, a healthy Addington knew he was going to have to stand out in order to reclaim that spot.

“Josh and I came into the year both fighting for the starting job,” Addington said.

After a few stints in practice and preseason, the sophomore showed he had what it takes to fit into the defense.

“It was a difficult adjustment, but after preseason our back line got pretty comfortable with each other,” Addington said.

Defense has been a huge factor for an Eagles squad that has only given up seven goals in nine games.

Addington has already racked up five shutouts, which is one more than the entire last season.


Despite losing a huge piece of their defensive corps in junior Joao Toscan, who went down with a knee injury in early September, the underclassmen, including Addington, have answered the call.

“I think we’ve coped really well with losing Joao, especially with guys like [freshman] Ryan Coley stepping up and playing really well,” Addington said.

As a goalkeeper, Addington said that his most important role on the team is that of an encourager.

“The leadership of the goalkeeper sets the mentality for the whole game. If I’m upset, then the team is going to be upset; if I’m down, they’re going to be down,” Addington said. “It’s important to stay positive during the game.”

Crichton still remains in position to take over if anything should go awry. Despite the challenge, Addington welcomes the competition.

“Having him is good because it pushes me to give 100 percent and hold on to my spot,” Addington said.

Addington and the Eagles will take on Westmont College this Saturday at Al Barbour field.

Addington is continuing to shine and show he is where he belongs. The next few games will definitely test the young keeper to see if he can keep the momentum going.      

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