OCC conquers Nationball for second year running

OCC and Sigma battle for victory at the conclusion of one of the year’s most anticipated events.



Steve Day sails above the celebratory OCC crowd after conquering Nationball for the second year in a row. | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES

Katie Nelson and Anna Frost

OCC conquers Nationball for the second year in a row. | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES

In a clash of colors and choreography, the Off-Campus Community defeated their on-campus opponents in a follow up to last year’s victory over Hope Hall.

OCC took on Sigma Hall in the latter’s first bout in the finals since 2009. The yellow-clad Sigma participants rapidly thinned as multitudes of OCC participants hurled a barrage of dodgeballs upon them.


The event opened by introducing emcees Mark Nesbitt, religious lectures coordinator for Associated Students, and Rekah Kagawan, Student Missionary Union recruitment coordinator, in a video featuring their preparations for Nationball — which included a trip to Savers and dancing to Beyoncé music videos. Sigma then entered Chase Gymnasium last, pulling the Biola Egg in a red wagon to much fanfare.

Prior to the main event, the emcees led one representative from each dorm in a dance off. It narrowed down to Sigma, Hope and OCC, with Hope prevailing as the victor. Other games were played throughout the night as players rested from each intense round of dodgeball. A round of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” where contestants from each dorm had to finish singing to a popular song after the music was cut off, baffled some contestants, while Alpha Resident Director Tiffany Tomlinson thrived. Emerson showed off their musical side as sophomore Stephan Vandenkooy excelled with his knowledge of pop and rap songs. Sigma and Stewart won a Minute To Win It game that required the dorms to set aside their competitive fervor and partner up. One dorm representative smeared Vaseline on their face before their partner pelted them with the cotton balls.


To kick off the first round of dodgeball, OCC took on Hope with OCC emerging victorious; Stewart Hall and Hart Hall then combined forces in the next bout against Alpha Hall. Emerson rushed to Alpha’s aid by forming a human wall to block the assault; however, StewHart quickly decimated the defense and clinched the match.

Sigma defeated Horton in the third round, followed by Emerson forfeiting to StewHart. Continuing a dorm tradition, Emerson sought to entertain rather than eliminate their competitors, performing a choreographed dance to “Lipgloss” by Lil Mama and Ylvis’ viral song “The Fox.” Following the enthusiastic applause, the Emerson men hastily exited the gym floor.

“I thought it was awesome — it was so cool!” said Victoria Turner, a freshman pre-nursing major who attended Nationball for the first time. “I liked watching the Emerson boys do their dance.”

OCC beat StewHart in the semi-finals, which narrowed down each side to the uneven ratio of 30 men and 20 women per team. Sigma and StewHart faced off in the final match of the semi-finals with Sigma going on to compete against OCC in the final round.


As battle-weary students milled out the doors, AS president Evan Tan spoke enthusiastically about the night’s events.

“I think it was a good decision that StewHart was together. Last year they were angry that we put them apart … so we put them together and they were happy. Emerson was great as usual, came up and danced and sang and chanted. It was awesome,” Tan said.

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