AS Senate Rundown: May 16, 2013

In the meeting on May 16 AS voted on the fall 2013 budget.

Grant Walter/THE CHIMES


Grant Walter/THE CHIMES

Julia Henning, Writer

An incorrect informational graphic was printed in the Chimes newspaper today, depicting the percentages of what was labeled the Associated Students’ budget for fall 2013. The Chimes regrets this error.

Voting on the fall 2013 budget took place on the afternoon of May 16. The payroll, religious lecture coordinator’s, social events coordinator’s, vice president of marketing and communication’s, club’s, the senate’s, spirit event’s coordinator’s, community action coordinator’s and music and art’s coordinator’s budgets were passed in full.

Future intramural coordinator, freshman Olivia Plew’s budget was passed in partial at $11,635. This cut the money available for referee uniforms. Having the same apparel helps to market referee positions, and offering clothing creates an incentive for people to want to referee intramural games since they can’t increase the referee pay, according to VP of events and programing, junior Jennifer Essig.

Future clubs coordinator, sophomore Jordan Keiter’s proposal for $32,695.50 was passed in full. The clubs’ coordinators have been increasing the budget for the clubs from $22,000 in fall 2012 to $25,000 in spring 2013 to the fall 2013 amount, according to AS Controller, junior Gianna Pacini. However, this is still only funding approximately 35 percent of the amount different clubs had asked the clubs coordinator for, she said.

After each section of the budget was passed, the senators voted to pass the budget in total at $253,033.25.

After voting on the budget, the senators voted on Hart Hall senator, sophomore Tristan Engh’s proposed amendments to the constitution. His first amendment to Bylaw III section IV subjugation 6, adding a 1 percent margin of error to the number of overall votes, passed. This would mean in this past election, AS president-elect, junior Evan Tan and Alpha West senator, sophomore Becky Gallacher would have had to win the election by 15 votes, or the vote would have gone to the senate.

Engh’s second proposal to Bylaw III section IV subjugation 2, stated that if it is found at the time AS election applications are due that a senator is running unopposed, that senator position will be open for hiring in lieu of having an election. After much debate, this passed as well.

His third proposal to Bylaw III section VI, which would discount fraudulent votes, passed in partial. The portion of the proposal that would make it so that the fraudulent and genuine votes of anyone who cheats invalid did not pass. 

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