Staff Editorial: a thank you to professors

Members of the Chimes staff recognize influential professors.



Chimes Staff, Writer

Aaron Kleist, English professor

I cannot thank you enough for the past four years. You have been my academic adviser since I was a freshman and my professor several semesters over. I have yet to meet another professor who is both as brilliant as you and who cares about his students so much. I have learned so much from you, but more importantly, I have felt taken care of and guided through my entire college experience. Thank you. — Lauralyn Koontz, senior copy editor, senior

Thaddeus Williams, biblical studies professor

I have never had a Bible professor who exemplifies grace as much as you do. Your deep passion for sharing the gospel coupled with your humility shows our class daily how to be a Christian who truly loves people. The lectures you give break down complex theological concepts into things I can apply to everyday life, and convince me that it is OK to be a Christian and have a rich sense of humor. Thank you, Thad. — Katie Nelson, senior news editor, sophomore

Larry Smith, journalism professor

Behind your constant teasing and meticulous grading was a challenge unlike any other I’ve faced. You definitely pushed me to be a better, less clichéd writer, fulfilling the purpose of the literary journalism class. But you didn’t stop there, and that’s why you stand out among gobs of remarkable professors at Biola. Thank you for living out your faith in such tangible ways that I can’t help but want to do the same.  — Laura Daronatsy, features editor apprentice, freshman

John Tibbils, flag football coach

While it is obvious that you love what you teach, it is also very obvious that your love for your students extends far beyond what happens on the field. I haven’t been at Biola very long, but already I know that your class will forever remain one of my absolute favorites because it was a class in which I could be my crazy, goofy self. Thank you for creating an environment that allowed for laughter and friendly competition. You’re awesome, Tibbs. But then again, you already knew that. — Rachelle Cihonski, copy editor apprentice, junior

Joanne Jung and Matt Williams, biblical studies professors

Both of you have taken the professorial open door policy to the max and have welcomed me in on numerous occasions. Outside of the powerful impact your respective classes had on me, you both have encouraged me and poured into me in both of your neighboring offices. This 15-foot stretch of hallway has become one of my favorite places on campus and I hope you know both of your welcoming hearts are appreciated. — Anders Corey, sports editor, sophomore

Michael Longinow, journalism professor and Chimes adviser

Your support means the world to all of us. Members of the Chimes staff come and go every year, but you remain. You have overseen this paper far longer than any editor-in-chief ever will, and that dedication allows the Chimes to strive for increasing excellence year after year — even when the names on the masthead change. Thank you for your tips and your critiques; thank you for never losing interest in this incredible opportunity for students. — The Chimes Staff

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