UPDATED: AS plans line dance

The Associated Students spring banquet this year will feature a different theme and includes dancing.

Katie Nelson, Writer

CORRECTION: The Chimes originally reported that the dancing policy had been amended to add a clause regarding Associated Students' ability to host campus dancing.

The current policy has not been changed and reads: Choreographed and/or performance dancing is allowed on campus. University-sponsored dances are not permitted. Each member of the Biola community is expected to exercise individual judgment, and with full recognition that some dancing is morally degrading.

Students will be permitted to dance at the spring banquet under the current policy. The Chimes regrets this error and the story has been updated to reflect the correction.


In a shift from the past formal, sit-down dinners at extravagant locations like Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood, this year’s Associated Students spring banquet on March 22 boasts a new name and a new theme: country line dancing in a barn.

Under the moniker “Barefoot Blue Jean Night,” based on the country anthem by Jake Owen, the banquet is being revamped from a couples-only event to a line-dancing party everyone can take part in, according to AS adviser Laura Igram-Edwards.

Choreographed line dancing in keeping with handbook

One of the largest changes made to this year’s spring banquet is the incorporation of choreographed line dancing. While Biola does not condone non-choreographed school dances, structured dancing will be allowed at the event.

The line dancing at the banquet does not violate the handbook’s regulations regarding dancing, Igram-Edwards said.

“[Student Development] gave the final stamp of approval to allow it because in some ways it’s a cultural experience,” she said. “There will be an instructor choreographing the dance itself, so it’s more in line with what we do with Mock Rock. We allow dancing that’s choreographed and taught ahead of time.”

"A good event for students to atted to have fun with friends."

Danielle Amacher, a freshman psychology major, thinks the event is a positive thing for students and was not concerned about the dancing policy.

“I think it’s good that Biola is allowing students to have the opportunity to dance if they wish. I think it’d be a good event for students to attend to have fun with friends,” she said.

In addition to the change in activities from previous spring banquets, this year’s setting is also different. While past banquets took place in fancy venues like the Queen Mary in Long Beach, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” is set in a barn at Strawberry Farms Golf Club in Irvine, according to AS social events coordinator, senior Michelle Orgill.

“For a couple years now, we’ve realized that the spring banquet isn’t all it could have been,” Igram-Edwards said. “It also ended up feeling like a date-type experience. You had to find a date, and you had to go as a couple with somebody … so there was a lot of pressure on the event itself.”

Orgill noted that they did not host a spring banquet last year due to a series of low turnouts the years before.

Re-inventing the spring banquet

“We brought it back this year because we heard a lot of feedback that people were really disappointed that we didn’t have spring banquet,” Orgill said. “But the reality of it was a lot of people weren’t coming … so we created a new type of spring banquet this year.”

In spite of the makeunder, many students still aren’t planning on going, mainly due to a lack of knowledge about the event.

“I live on campus and I haven’t really heard about the event. I don’t even really know what it is, so probably not,” said Amy Custer, a sophomore business major.

Affording Sprinkles cupcakes

Orgill also noted that although the senate voted against approving extra funds to procure pricey Sprinkles cupcakes over more generic desserts, ultimately she was able to shift the original budget around enough to afford the $4 Hollywood-based cupcakes.

“The way the senate works is that they pass a certain amount of money that I can use overall, so they don’t dictate what I spend the money on,” Orgill said. “I really think that Sprinkles cupcakes … would be a great incentive to come to our event.”

David Cline, a senior communications major who attended the banquet three years ago, said he was glad AS brought the event back but didn’t necessarily think Sprinkles was worth the cost.

“I mean, cupcakes are cool, but I don’t think it should be a priority,” he said.

“Barefoot Blue Jean Night” starts at 6:30 p.m. next Friday and will also feature a photo booth. Tickets are $20 per person, a decrease from the $60 per couple it has been in years past.

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