AS Senate Rundown: March 7, 2013

The senate heard three new proposals, denied two and heard five new ones.

Grant Walter/THE CHIMES


Grant Walter/THE CHIMES

Julia Henning, Writer

New hires

  • Thursday was junior Erik Buchterkirchen’s first Associated Students senate meeting since he was hired as the Stewart Hall senator. The previous senator, junior Jacob Dunning, stepped down.


  • Emerson Hall senator sophomore Evan McGee proposed a bylaw that would change the wording regarding who can make proposals to the senate. The proposal would modify Bylaw 1 Section 5 to say that proposals can be presented by current undergraduate students and only current students. As it states now, proposals can be made by undergraduate students with no other restrictions.

This has not been an issue recently, but it has been an issue in the past, according to Laura Igram-Edwards, AS adviser.

  • AS vice president of finances Evan Tan, a junior, proposed that the senators allocate $1,000 for the off campus community outreach event Good Morning Off Campus Commuters. In the current agreement that AS has with OCC, both OCC and AS split the cost of refreshments offered at the monthly GMOCC outreaches, according to Tan.

  • Next spring, there will be a $1,500 budget allocated ahead of time to cover this cost, according to Tan. Normally, this would be included in the budget, but this time it was not, Tan said. Should they vote to deny his request, Tan said that he would come in and propose a reallocation of funds to cover AS’s half of the cost.


  • Senators denied senior cinema and media arts major Matt Little’s $7,250 proposal for the film “Cicada.” AS only wants to cover the cost of the event and showing the movie, according to sophomore Brady Brewster, South Horton Hall senator. He suggested that once the film is completed, Little should return and repropose for the cost of the theater and the event. AS is looking at a new proposal process for asking for money for films, according to vice president Laura Cook, a junior.

  • The requested $5,000 for the Biola Film Awards was denied at the senate meeting. The Biola Film Awards is a CMA department initiative and AS is trying to get away from funding department initiatives, according to Cook.


  • The senators voted to pass resident assistants senior Spencer Posey and junior Katelyn Morgan’s proposal for the Bluff BBQ at $600 rather than the requested $700.

  • The Residence Life post-senior dinner event was passed in part for $400 to cover the cost of renting the Collegium and the cost of making a gift for the seniors.

  • Senators passed senior Jessica Jesudasen’s proposal to change the name of the Coalition for Social Action to Community Action, making her the Community Action Coordinator. However, the senators could not pass her request to put a five-year lock on on the name change because there isn’t a way to enforce that for later AS personnel. If they were to pass the lock, it would involve a change in the AS constitution, according to Igram-Edwards.

  • Horton Hall RA on the Mosaic floor, senior Kevin Kress, and sophomore Brock Hansen’s $3,755 proposal for the Mosaic Masquerade was passed in full by the senators.

  • AS senators voted to pass $300 to fund the premiere of the completely student-made film “Child of War.” The original request was for $1,400. After reading AS’s mission statement, commuter senator sophomore Jacquelyn Mota said that the goal of AS is to fund initiatives on campus that affect all students. Funding the cost of film contest submissions didn’t fulfill the AS mission statement, Mota said.


  • AS senators voted to table the $920 proposal for the Anthropology Guild’s BBQ. Bon Appétit must be the food provider for the event because this is being marketed to the public and Bon Appétit is concerned about food safety, according to Igram-Edwards. She plans on meeting with Bon Appétit to better understand what is included in the Bon Appétit contract with Biola.

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