AS Senate Rundown: Feb. 14, 2013

The senate passed two proposals and heard one new proposal requesting funds for spring banquet.

Grant Walter/THE CHIMES


Grant Walter/THE CHIMES

Katie Nelson, Writer


  • The senate voted to pass the proposal of senior Evan Tan, Associated Students vice president of finance, to renew Biola’s partnership with the New York Times for the full amount requested. The partnership allows 100 copies of the New York Times to be distributed daily during the school week, and has been in effect for several years. Many of the senators reported that their constituents were unaware of the paper’s existence on campus, but were interested in reading it and believed it was useful. The total cost for getting the paper delivered to campus is $3,600, which includes the $0.50 charge per paper and paying the delivery person. Each paper that is not picked up from newsstands will be credited back to Biola’s account with the New York Times.

“The general consensus that I heard was that people didn’t know we had it,” said off-campus community Block apartments senator Kayle Fields, a junior. “I think it would be a good idea for people to get out of the Biola bubble and see what’s going on in the world.”

  • Senators passed a proposal from senior Matt Fier, religious lectures coordinator, for the full amount of $1,550 to put on the Heart of Worship Conference in April. The funds will help cover the performers’ fees and green room expenses.


  • Senators heard a proposal from AS social events coordinator Michelle Orgill for additional funds to go toward this year’s Spring Banquet. The event’s current budget is $15,000 — a decrease from the $30,000 used in past banquets — but Orgill asked for $2,248 more to help cover the costs of procuring cupcakes from Sprinkles. The cupcakes cost about $4 each. The other funds will go toward five appetizers, hiring a disc jockey and procuring the Strawberry Farms venue in Irvine. The halving of the banquet’s budget from previous years came after AS did not host a banquet last year due to a need to cut costs.

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