Horton Defeats Hope In Nationball Competition


Photo by Mike Villa

A spirited freshman from Horton takes to the court to defeat Hope and crumble their lasting legacy of victory.

The annual dorm nationball battle ensued yet again Thursday night, filling Chase Gymnasium with endless colors of dorm spirit. The confident Hope, drenched in pink, returned to the brutal games to defend their undefeated title as dorm champion.

What followed was a merciless, violent, and comical display of dorm devotion and athletic energy.

After about eight team match-ups, the final two dorms, Horton and Hope, clashed heads for this year’s dorm title. Horton, a sea of black, was determined to see Hope’s undefeated legacy fall.

In a violent fight lasting over eight minutes, Horton swallowed Hope until they were left only to a small huddle of screaming girls, who lasted only seconds before Horton’s final win.

The gym exploded in ear-piercing cries for the new dorm champ and the celebration of the fall of a past legacy. Horton quickly marched out in triumphant victory – a victory that will be fought to be upheld in the next year to come.

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