Caf expansion to be finished in April

The caf, which has been under construction since fall semester, will complete the long-awaited expansion in April.


John Buchanan

John Buchanan/THE CHIMES

Rachel Snyder, Writer

On Monday, January 29, workers strive to complete construction since the wait on approval from Los Angeles County delayed the process back in September. | John Buchanan/THE CHIMES

Students will be able to eat in the newly expanded outdoor section of the Caf as soon as April, if construction continues as planned. The $700,000 project has been delayed by several months due to poor weather and county approval complications, according to senior director of Auxiliary Services Don Sims. Originally, the Caf expansion was set to be completed before the rainy season of fall 2012, according to Sims.

“The current completion date that was established in November is April 6,” Sims said. “At this time we are not sure if the completion date will change or not.” The flexible date is due to April’s unpredictable weather.

Despite delays, construction picks up speed

In September the construction was delayed due to the wait on approval from Los Angeles County, and the completion date was postponed until April.

Fortunately, the construction from this point on will begin to pick up speed. January 28 was a significant milestone according to Monday’s construction notes from Bon Appétit Management Company general manager Steve Rall. The concrete was poured and the foundation was laid for the expanded area of the Caf.

The frame of the structure will be started next week, Rall said in an email. A plywood barrier will be set up along the glass wall of the dining area, causing a temporary lack of sunlight in the Caf, according the the construction notes.

The structural crew will begin building the support for the new deck at the beginning of next week, which will take about three weeks.

Expansion to improve comfort

The expansion will seat an additional 120 people, according to Sims, and will include a motorized cover that can be utilized depending on the weather. There will also be heaters built in for the cold, rainy days when the Caf is too full.

“The Caf is such a social hub of Biola. I’m glad they are making it more spacious and comfortable for the students,” said undeclared freshman Cameron Smith.

The Caf will be less crowded once the expansion is complete and the new area will provide a different kind of experience, Rall said in an email.

Furniture has been ordered and in the next few weeks more concrete and steel-welding work will be done, Sims said. No tuition funds are being used on the Caf modification — the money will come from the income Auxiliary Services receives from the services they provide on campus, according to Sims. 

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