Christmas tree lighting postponed due to rainy forecast

The annual Christmas tree lighting, which was originally scheduled for Friday, has been pushed to Monday due to rain.


The newly lit Biola Christmas stands tall outside of Crowell Hall. | Rachel Adams/THE CHIMES

Katie Nelson, Writer

The 28th annual Biola Christmas tree lighting originally planned for Friday evening has been postponed until Monday, Dec. 3 at 7 p.m. due to predicted inclement weather.

Biola announced this morning via its website that the event was being moved because it was expected to rain on Friday.

“It’s absolutely based on the weather,” said manager of advancement events Deannah Baesel. “When we’re looking at the forecast, there’s drizzly rain today … and then 50 percent chance of rain tomorrow starting at the exact same time as tree lighting.”

She explained that the equipment Events Services uses is not weather-proof, and because they were losing a day of set-up, it was practical to move the date.

“In order to provide the same experience that we do year after year it was just something that had to get moved until the weather was more cooperative,” Baesel said.

Baesel said Alumni & Friends made the decision to move it to next Monday, rather than next Friday. According to her, next weekend was too far away, there were other events scheduled throughout this week and they didn’t want to overburden Event Services.

“Monday was just a better fit for the university’s timeline and hopefully for the students, as well,” Baesel said.

To avoid confusion about the date change, Baesel said the department sent out emails to alumni and constituents, and are relying on Facebook and Twitter to spread the news to community members who may be coming. In addition, admissions and Campus Safety will be posted on Friday night to direct people who may accidentally show up on the original date.

“The word has gone around pretty quickly and we’ve posted anywhere that we can think of. … It’s totally going to be an inconvenience for some but we hope that some people will still be able to make it out on Monday night,” Baesel said.

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