Opposing viewpoints: being liberal, Christian and a Biola student

Grace Delmar explains why she is hesitant to share her political beliefs on campus.

Grace Delmar, Writer

I’ve always been pretty quiet about my political beliefs. Being from Texas, I’ve had to be silent about my non-Republican views to risk being attacked, verbally and sometimes physically. Though it’s much better here, I’m still not completely comfortable with saying that I’m a Democrat out loud. It’s clear that there aren’t too many people like me on campus. When the election was called in early November, I was in class and rushed to find a TV. I ended up awkwardly walking into the room where the Republican club was staring dejectedly at a blank screen. So, having no one to celebrate with, I went back to my dorm and watched the president’s speech alone while trying to block out the sound of the girls in my hall saying our country is doomed.

Christians often think of Democrats as heathens wishing a death sentence on America and its entire people. Growing up listening to my parents, I used to think that too. But once I did my research, I found out that it’s not true at all. Democrats have reasoning behind believing what they do. They’re passionate about the poor and downtrodden, and believe in the idea of every American being treated as equal. If you think about them that way, it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to destroy America.

I wanted to move to California to get away from my ultra-conservative town where everyone thought the same way, but somehow ended up at a conservative school. I have no problem with this, as everyone is entitled to their opinion. That gets me to the point of this piece: Don’t judge people based on their political beliefs.

Please get to know Liberals and try to understand their reasoning and line of thinking before hearing the word Democrat and writing people off as a baby murderers. If you want to have a civil political conversation, we will be more than willing. We much prefer that over getting “Obama’s the Antichrist!’ yelled at us. However, be aware that I will ask you why you believe what you believe and “because my parents are Republicans” is not an acceptable answer. I love when people have a political opinion, no matter what it is, as long as that opinion comes from doing research and an understanding of what you believe and why. Too many people on this campus don’t even realize why they believe what they do.

I understand that I’m in the unpopular opinion here, and a lot of people say I’m less of a Christian because of it. But that,  I absolutely refute. God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and I think that is important for Christians, particularly Biola students, to remember. 

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