Biola final master plan approved by La Mirada city council

The master plan for Biola University expansion was approved by the La Mirada city council on Nov. 13.

Katie Nelson, Writer

The La Mirada city council unanimously approved Biola’s master plan for university expansion at the Nov. 13 council meeting at the La Mirada Civic Center.

Director of Community Development Reuben Arceo, who presented the plan at the public hearing, predicted before the meeting that the measure would be passed by all the council members.

“This project has gone through both public planning commission review and the public safety commission review. It has been scrutinized delicately by both commissions,” Arceo said. “That is a tremendous comfort to the city council … There was [great] consideration about the responsibility that is assumed in building a project of this magnitude.”

Some of the changes that, though not necessarily likely, could occur as a result of the plan’s implementation include increasing the full-time student enrollment cap from 5,000 to 6,800, building more parking structures and replacing Stewart Hall with a new residence hall.

Although the plan was passed, several community members expressed concerns about the effects of expansion, such as traffic congestion, increased noise and student parking clogging neighborhood streets. In spite of the problems that may arise, Arceo expects the plan will turn out well.

“There are mutual benefits for both agencies,” Arceo said, referring to the city of La Mirada and Biola. “The benefits of having a higher [population] of students in La Mirada buying things, living here, [and] hopefully students will volunteer in return.”

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