Waivers and wristbands required for this year’s Nationball

This year’s Nationball brings a number of changes to help improve student safety.


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Thousands of Biola students will head to Chase Gymnasium tonight for the highly anticipated Nationball event. This time, however, no one will get in without a wristband.

The Associated Students leadership team sent out a campus-wide email about the change.

"There is a new rule being implemented at this year's event in order to guarantee the safety of all participants: All attendees at Nationball this year must sign a release of liability form prior to entering the gym,” the email read.

“The liability form is due to the inherent risks of danger that come from having such a large-scale dodgeball tournament,” said Spirit Events Coordinator junior Ashley Nelson when asked why AS is implementing this policy. “It is for the same reason that the University requires students to sign waivers to participate in intramurals, off campus retreats, and PE classes.”

The liability release form removes responsibility from Biola in the case of an accident.

When students sign this form, they release Biola University from responsibility in case of injury or damage from the flying red dodgeballs.

Waivers should have already been implemented

Nationball has been a Biola tradition for years now, so many are wondering why AS has suddenly decided to require liability release forms.

“This year we’re finally doing what we were supposed to do since the start,” AS vice president, junior Laura Cook stated. “I think this is so new that everyone is thinking we’re trying to implement something that’s unnecessary, but it is necessary. We honestly don’t have a choice. It makes our job a lot more complicated, but at the same time, it’s worth it to protect Biola.”

Starting at 9 p.m., students are to report to their respective lobbies — Bluff residents to Thompson Hall, and Block residents and commuters to the Collegium — for what AS calls the “Pre-Nationball Party.” Students will sign liability release forms which senators will collect. Then each student who turns one in will obtain a wristband, and that will be his or her ticket to get into the gym.

Students under 18 years old will need a guardian’s signature before the event.

Students react to changes

“I think it it will be difficult for the students who are under 18 to get their waivers signed by their parents by Thursday, which is disappointing because Nationball was one of my favorite memories freshman year,” said sophomore Stewart Hall resident assistant Natalie Ginder.

Because of fire code precautions, there will be a limited number of wristbands. The 2,400 wristbands — the maximum capacity of Chase Gymnasium — will be handed out proportionally to each residence hall, as well as off-campus commuters, according to Nelson. Any extras will be brought to the gym for students who did not get the chance to report to their dorms.

While some may be frustrated by this rule AS is implementing, many maintain a positive outlook on the changes.

“I think it is simply a wise precaution for Biola to take in order to protect the students during the event and protect the school from liability,” said Lauren Vogel, a sophomore Horton Hall resident assistant. “Nationball is such an energizing event and I think it does a great job improving school spirit and dorm pride.”

Additional changes include free Red Bull in front of Chase Gymnasium from 9 p.m. – 10:15 p.m. and the new nation ball trophy that the winning dorm will be able to put on display.

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