The Chimes endeavors to serve community with excellent coverage

The Chimes continues striving to bring news to Biola and point campus to truth through a variety of mediums this year.


Elizabeth Sallie and Elizabeth Sallie

Emily Arnold/THE CHIMES

This year, the Chimes staff is dedicated to inventive and exciting coverage, and a heart of service. Above all else, our hope is to write stories that point our campus to truth, provoke conversation and make an impact in the world of collegiate journalism.

Freshmen, know that we’re excited to have you here! These four years will fly by and you will be presented with many opportunities to engage with the community. Seize them! The students you’ll find on this campus are unique. 

Friends of other years, know that I’m excited to have you reading the Chimes as well. We hope you’ll be able to find answers to questions, engage with conversations and hear stories you haven’t yet during your time here.

Fresh off a summer in D.C., I’m thrilled to be back at Biola to serve as editor-in-chief of the Chimes for a second year. Even as a senior, I can’t get over how dedicated this community is and how many things that influence the world are happening right here.

The Chimes aims to bring news that will help campus engage in conversation  

The events and news across campus are broad but they all affect you — as students, staff and faculty. We want to help you stay in the loop with what’s happening so that you can be informed and take part in the conversations shaping this campus.

As the year approaches, I’m excited about some of the big things we have to look forward to. I’m promising now that we will seek out the stories that talk about the day-to-day, as well as the uncomfortable. We are looking forward to helping continue conversations about the Biola Queer Underground and human sexuality; art on campus and sacred space; our relationship with Los Angeles and this year’s theme of “From this Place.”

The Chimes has been striving to provide students with this information for more than 75 years. As technology has shifted, we’ve adapted to meet it. In the past few years, we’ve restructured to make ourselves a web-first model, which means you can find stories about sports, car crashes and on-campus crime within hours.

Social media to encourage interaction and impact for Christ

This year, we’re hoping to make a push toward using social media even more. We want to bring the news to you — through Twitter, Facebook and yes, even Instagram. Beyond just helping you see the news quicker, we want to hear from you. The Chimes is not fulfilling its purpose if we are simply churning out stories that seem interesting to us.

Feel free to swing by the office, drop me an email or tweet at me and let me know what you think about our coverage.

The Chimes has been rewarded for its push toward breaking news faster and better and in more ways. Among more than 40 candidates for this year’s Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker, Biola University is the only Christian school represented. We’re blown away by this honor — the highest in college journalism. More importantly, we’re delighted — because it’s an opportunity for us to make an impact for Jesus in a dark world.

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