President Corey announces “From This Place” chapel theme

2012-2013 chapel theme focuses on relationship between learning and evangelism.

Kristina Nishi and Kristina Nishi

At Fall Convocation, President Barry Corey expounds on the new chapel theme: "From This Place: Proclaiming Good News in a Changing World." | Olivia Blinn/THE CHIMES

President Barry Corey announced the chapel theme for the 2012-2013 academic year at Fall Convocation on Aug. 29: “From This Place: Proclaiming Good News in a Changing World.” He went on to say that this year’s theme is a continuation of last year’s theme about sacred spaces.

“From This Place” is about taking what was learned from “In This Place” and taking it out to the world. In order to proclaim God’s word, students must study the word and the university will have talks this year to teach and equip people, according to Corey.

“Our University was blessed to have a year of growth as we considered ‘In This Place: Sanctuary & Sacred Space’ last year,” said director of programs director Lisa Ishihara. “And now ‘From This Place: Proclaiming Good News in a Changing World’ we want to go out and proclaim Christ, the Good News, the gospel, the kingdom in word and deed in a changing world.”

Biola’s heritage of proclamation

In his speech, Corey talked about how one of Biola’s founders, Lyman Stewart, was not afraid to take risks. Although Stewart was criticized for being too unconventional, his work at Biola resulted in the university being known for its faithfulness to its convictions.

“The bottom line [is that] the news is still good,” Corey said. “The world is still changing and Christ still calls for a compassionate, wise, thoughtful, articulate, committed generation to live lives that proclaim the good news.”

The chapel program staff met up with different groups of people to discuss this year’s chapel theme, but ultimately, the president decided on it and spoke about it at convocation. There is a need for Christians to evangelize in the world and to be “lights” for Christ, according to Corey.

“I think it’s a good theme,” sophomore communications disorder major Lauren Tang said. “I think it’s entirely appropriate as a chapel theme because worship is not to be kept to ourselves. Worship is something done between you and God, but I feel like worship should be a community thing. Worshiping God is not meant to stay in one place … it’s meant to reach out into the community and have them join in with us. [The chapel theme] is all about giving light to the community.”

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