Theft marks first of summer

A theft from Metzger Hall is the first theft Campus Safety has seen this summer.

Julia Henning and Julia Henning

A theft from the Accounting office on Friday morning was the first theft of the summer, according to Campus Safety public information officer, Justin Shelby.

The man is accused of entering campus from Biola Avenue, dressed as a repair man. He is believed to have entered Accounting around 10:30 a.m. and stolen a wallet from a cubicle, according to a press release emailed on Monday afternoon.

“He told people he was there to do repairs or something like that. What he was actually doing was casing the cubicles, trying to blend in to see what kind of property he could take,” Shelby said.

By trying to blend into the office, this suspect used a tactic that is becoming a common nation-wide trend, Shelby explained.

“They are strictly trying to not seem out of place, that being said, if something seems a little out of place Campus Safety will come to investigate. We’d love to get those kind of calls––a lot of times it may turn out to be nothing but if it is something, the more details the better,” Shelby said.

However, this is the first incident of theft Biola University has seen this summer, according to Shelby.

“This summer has actually been pretty quiet. Certainly this is the first [incident]…that we’ve had where someone walked into a building where people were at and stole something. This is the only theft that’s been reported to us since school let out,” Shelby said.

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