Eight groups to compete in this year’s Mock Rock

Students will show off their talent in the annual Mock Rock competition Friday.

Jennifer Ross and Jennifer Ross

Correction: Mock Rock group Chicken Pate was originally listed as Chicken Pock. The Chimes regrets this error.

Rock, themed “Biola’s Choice Awards,” will showcase eight dance groups Friday night and one group will end the night as winners of $300. This year’s showcase, as in past years, will be attended by students, faculty and alumni and will be held in Chase Gymnasium at 7:30 p.m.

“We want them to be blown away by things they have never seen before,” said senior Daniel Fawcett, a member of Men of Honor.

Biola sent out an email Wednesday afternoon explaining Campus Safety and AS personnel will be patrolling the venue to discourage anyone from entering the gym prior to 7 p.m., when the doors officially open.

This year, the gym floor will only be standing room but seating will still be available in the bleachers and balcony, according to the email. Also mentioned in the email was the possibility of the show being temporarily shut down if overcrowding occurs.

Fawcett said his group, Men of Honor, was even putting on a ruse, making it seem like their topic will focus on Sesame Street, in order to make this show even bigger than in previous years.

Developing a great show comes at a cost, like feeling exhausted and stressed as it gets closer to Friday’s show, according to Fawcett.

Contributing more time and effort

Some groups are putting in an extraordinary amount of time into their rehearsals: Last year’s winner, BroPoc, mentioned that they have been practicing as much as three days a week for at least two hours each night since early April. BroPoc is one of the larger groups, with 40 to 50 members. There are a lot of newer and younger people helping the group, each bringing their own special and unique gifts, according to senior Jordan Lounsbury, a group member since his sophomore year.

“There is a lot more work being done, people want to do their best, work hard and be as creative as possible,” Lounsbury said.

According to Lounsbury, a few freshmen have even joined the group — bringing a youthful kind of vibe as well as a fresh take on performance. He feels his role this year includes being a leader and developing community.

“There is the unique privilege and power in being a leader. It is really important and I feel privileged to be in such an incredible community of people, not just the group but Biola,” Lounsbury said.

Groups perform for cash prizes

AS social board chair Amanda Tegtmeier confirmed there are a total of eight groups participating in this year’s show. The groups performing will be Walrus and The Carpenters, Biola Ratio, BroPoc, Men of Honor, Hot Pockets, SOS, Chicken Pate along with a mystery group.

Out of the eight groups performing, two are new: Chicken Pate and another group whose name will be revealed at Friday’s performance. Judges for this year are spiritual director Todd Pickett, professor Christopher Grace, swim teacher and alumnus Zach Perkins. There will also be two new judges on the panel this year who have yet to be named.

Mock Rock is funded by a $5,000 budget and has full-time employees who oversee management and lighting equipment. Supported by the budget, the AS Social Board takes care of decorations as well as advertising.

Cash prizes are $300 for the first place winners, $200 for the second place winners and $100 for third place and as always, a trophy and T-shirts will be awarded to the winners.

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