Andrew Bird’s “Break It Yourself” sounds like poetry

Andrew Bird’s new album, “Break It Yourself,” earns five out of five stars.

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Multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird released yet another stunning collection of folk rock gems with his new record “Break it Yourself.” Bird has been making music since the early ‘90s, all of which seemed to culminate in his 2009 release “Noble Beast,” which debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard charts. One of the great factors about Bird is that his music is unmistakably unique. From the way he loops one instrument over another to his trademark whistling, Bird has set himself apart from the everyday singer-songwriter.

“Break it Yourself” begins with the masterfully composed track “Desperation Breeds …” This track showcases the immense talent Bird brings into what can sometimes be a repetitive and stale genre of music. His skill at the violin is unmatched in the indie/folk rock scene. The song has a beautiful atmosphere to it instrumentation-wise that is complemented by Bird’s smooth vocals. “Danse Caribe” has a very Baroque feel to it with the sound and melody of the violin.

The track “Give it Away” has a very ‘60s feel to it while still retaining the sound of the rest of the album. Perhaps this album’s best quality is that it has a very coherent flow without sounding repetitive. The guitar tones achieved on this record are nothing short of beautiful. They fit in perfectly with the sound of the acoustic instruments, such as the mandolin and violin that are also heard consistently throughout the album. Another fantastic thing about this album is its lyrical depth. Bird’s lyrics are incredible, with lines such as “sound is a wave / like a wave on the ocean / moon plays the wave like a violin / pushing and pulling from shore to shore / biggest melody you never heard before.”

Bird reveals himself to be not only a great lyricist, but also a poet.

“Break it Yourself” is a breathtaking record, and is sure to be one of the best of the year. It has a cohesive yet diverse sound. Bird’s skills in composition, songwriting and poetry are unmatched and are a breath of fresh air in the music industry.

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