AS Senate Rundown: Feb. 28, 2012

AS senators heard three new proposals this week, passed three, denied two and tabled two.

Christine Chan, Writer

New proposals

  • Junior Natasha Cheeley, Associated Students clubs director, proposed to allocate $3,717.48 into the clubs account. It had previously been in accounts for clubs that had been inactive for at least two years. The funds were deposited into the general AS account, and Cheeley would like to transfer it into the clubs account for reallocation toward the spring 2012 semester.
  • Senior Brian Ulrich, a cinema and media arts major, requested $1,800 to help fund the premiere for “Chaisson: Quest for Oruid,” a fast-paced action fantasy film. The film is a sequel to “Chaisson: Rise of Zerad,” whose successful premiere was funded two years ago by AS, Ulrich said. $1,300 of the requested funds would go toward renting the premiere location, $300 toward food and refreshments and $200 toward advertising.
  • Senior Jessica Wagenbach, director of marketing and communication, proposed to make the director of marketing and communication position into a vice president position. Wagenbach also proposed the creation of a marketing coordinator position, which would be the equivalent of the current service chair position. Senior Ryan Freudenburg, AS senior vice president, said the AS executive board supported the request.


  • Senators passed a proposal requesting $670 for Horton Hall’s Open Mic Night all hall on March 21. Senators were receptive to the proposal and observed that the event was very community-oriented. The funds will go toward equipment rental costs through Event Services and the remainder of the all hall expenses will be covered by the Residence Life budget.
  • The senate approved a proposal for $155 for a coffee experience hosted by senior Chris Elliott. Although juniors Heather Hoffman and Mollie McSweeney, both Hope senators, said a number of their constituents were iffy about the event, the majority of senators said their residents liked the idea.
  • A proposal requesting $670 for Horton’s Mosaic Masquerade event was passed. Senators said residents supported the proposal, although junior Marisela Iniguez, the Off-Campus Community senator, said that most off-campus students did not know about it. The Mosaic Masquerade, which for the first time will be utilizing the entire second floor of Horton, will be taking place on May 12.


  • The senate discussed a proposal requesting $750 to fund a banquet for senior marketing students in a marketing class that works with non-profit organizations. Senators heavily debated whether the proposal fit the mission statement of AS.“As harmless as it seems, I’m very much against it,” said junior Tim Engle, North Horton senator. “I feel like this is a really crucial proposal and everything we’ve voted for before has been for events, and this is for a class. Once we pass this, we might have all these new class proposals coming in. I feel like it’s a really slippery slope.”

    Several other senators reflected Engle’s statement. They observed that the fact that only 17 students would be at the banquet made it a sensitive subject and moved to grant partial funding but the motion did not move forward. It was then moved to be denied in a 9-6 vote.

  • A proposal requesting $1,000 to help fund Urban Plunge, a credited trip to downtown Los Angeles for Torrey students, was denied in a 9-6 vote. Senators wrestled with whether to pass the proposal after denying the marketing banquet proposal.“It is a great thing for that small community,” said sophomore Beatriz Delgadillo, Alpha East senator. “I just feel like we’re doing a double standard.”

    Although some senators supported the proposal, many also expressed concern over supporting something for class credit as AS aims to support extra-curricular activities, rather than academic ones that are funded by individual departments.


  • The senate voted to table a proposal requesting funding for a March 23-25 retreat for the International Student Association and a campus-wide Cultural Awareness Day taking place on May 9. Further discussion will resume at next week’s meeting.
  • Senators also voted to table a proposal from Wagenbach to reallocate $8,000 in leftover funds from the website development budget to the AS office manager’s budget for office improvements. Senators initially expressed hesitancy at using student money to purchase new desks for the AS office and further discussion will also take place next week.
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