Senior film “Kids On The Run” finishes after only one semester

Written and directed by senior Nolan Wilson Goff, “Kids On The Run” is the first Biola film to be completed in one semester.

Tyler Davis, Writer

On Dec. 9, more than 400 Biolans gathered to see the fall 2011 Biola film “Kids On The Run,” a short film written and directed by Biola senior Nolan Wilson Goff and produced by seniors Peter Heald and Alyssa Thomas. This is the first Biola film to be completed in only one semester.

Characters search for inner change

The movie is an indie short film centered around a young man named Banks. On the Fourth of July, Banks decides to hit the road and go wherever the wind might take him. At a roadside café, he meets a girl named Amanda, who finds herself in a similar dead end situation.

The two decide to continue the journey together. As they drive through the desolate desert, they discuss their lives revealing that they share many similarities; both coming from broken homes and agreeing that there must be more that the world has to offer them. That night, the pair find themselves at a Fourth of July bonfire in the middle of the desert. The party is filled with youth, all coming from similar backgrounds and situations. Many of them come from broken homes, just like Banks and Amanda, representing a generation left on their own, to make their own way in life. The film ends with the two setting off into the unknown, strong in their desire for inner change and to make something of themselves.

Filmed with highest quality HD camera

This film was extremely well made. It was made using a RED digital camera, the highest quality HD camera available. The RED camera was used to film the Academy Award winning “The Social Network.” The camera from the Production Center allowed every scene in “Kids On The Run” to look clear, crisp and professional.

Film more commentary on society than entertainment

The team worked many rigorous 12-hour work days, just as they do in Hollywood productions. This was one of the methods they used to complete this film in only one semester. It seemed in the Q-and-A session that followed the film that the cast and crew worked very well together, and they gave all the glory to God.

“The part I loved the most was the team aspect of working on this film, everyone had great camaraderie and we truly felt like a family,” Heald said.

This family aspect was perhaps what went into the film being well made in such a short amount of time. This film is, in reality, more of a commentary on society than a motion picture for entertainment. The movie is a picture of our generation, a generation that seemingly refuses to grow up, but is forced to do so anyway. This generation is ruled by MTV and any kind of mass media imaginable, and when all these things lead to nowhere, this causes us all, at one time or another, to run away and look for the answer in something much more meaningful. This is a concept that relates to nearly anyone. “Kids On The Run” — it is not conventional, it is a film that will stay in the viewer’s mind for a long time and it is definitely a film worth experiencing.

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