Staff Editorial: Christians not immune to addictions

While not everyone might have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, other smaller, less serious addictions can creep into our lives.

Chimes Staff, Writer

Not every addiction causes car accidents, early death or any sudden life-altering impact. There are addictions that afflict many of us that are often overlooked and underestimated. Addictions are more prevalent than we can imagine. Why? Because they come in so many different forms and facets.

In our culture of immediacy, these less-than-lethal addictions are too often overlooked. Even here at Biola, we turn a blind eye to students who are addicted to tobacco, overeating, or technology. As Christians, we like to placate problems and assume everyone is fine. But just because most claim to follow Christ here, it does not mean that we, as a whole, avoid all addictions.

The most dangerous mindset Biolans could hold is to think we are immune to addiction because we are Christians. Though we are under grace, we still struggle with sin. As such we should become aware of the foundational cause — thought patterns. These attitudes begin to fester in the mind. We easily become blind to the internalized processes which manifest in damaging outward behaviors such as abuse of alcohol, food, sex, drugs and a distorted body image.

By holding Addiction Awareness Week, Biola is rightly recognizing that students struggle with bigger problems than that hefty 15-page research paper due in 24 hours. If we can realize that addictions come in many forms, we can loosen the chains of those around us still bound by their invisible bondage. We can provide a supportive community for those trying to work through these struggles. We can help them walk in freedom.

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