AS Senate Rundown: Nov. 15, 2011

AS senators voted in their new president and vice president, and they passed two new proposals during this week’s meeting.

Christine Chan, Writer

On Tues. Nov. 15, junior Janine Marderian, former AS senior vice president, succeeded senior John Drebinger as president after his resignation the Friday previous. The senate voted senior Ryan Freudenburg, director of marketing and communications, the new senior vice president. The proposal for Freudenburg was passed with 14 votes and one abstained.

“He has my complete confidence,” Marderian said during the meeting. “That position can be done by anybody with high character and with excitement and passion and I know that Ryan has all of those things.”

  • After the general internal affairs were addressed, senators unanimously passed a pending proposal requesting $300 for the International Student Association Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at the Collegium. Junior Christopher McGee, Stewart senator and international student from Turkey, said he believed that the meal was beneficial to international and missionary kid students who would be staying on campus during Thanksgiving break and might not get the opportunity.
  • Senators unanimously passed a proposal from Horton Hall senators Tim Engle and Danielle Decena, both juniors, requesting $375 to purchase refreshments for Horton’s Christmas all hall “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.”Feedback from other residents on campus was positive and junior Christopher Yim, Emerson senator, said his residents asked Engle and Decena to “remember that we said ‘yes’ to your cookie money.”
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