Power outages continue with 2 glitches

Power outages continue to be a problem at Biola, with two between 2 and 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

Julia Henning, Writer

Students pulling all nighters last night know that Biola experienced over an hour of darkness as a result of two outages.

Electricity went out in all the dorms and facilities on campus this morning at 2:47 AM and was restored at 3:30 AM. It went out again at 4:43 AM, but was restored at 5:08 AM.

The outage was due to a failed cable, Southern California Edison, the school’s power company, explained in an email sent to Christopher Reyes, Biola’s facilities manager.

“They either repaired [the cable] or redirected the power so we could get back online,” Reyes said. However, he is following up with the company about why the power went out twice after they said the problem was fixed at 3:30 this morning.

Failure of an underground high-voltage power cable caused Biola’s last power outage on Oct. 27. Southern California Edison has not commented on whether or not this morning’s incidents and that of Oct. 27 are related in terms of fault in a high-voltage cable.

Southern California Edison has also yet to say whether or not the outage was only at Biola, or if it affected all of La Mirada.

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