Dedication of Talbot East symbolizes God’s faithfulness and provision

The Biola community comes together to dedicate the new Talbot East building and celebrate God’s blessing the university.

Sarah Seman, Writer

The Dedication Ceremony for Talbot School of Theology rallied together students, from times past and present, to join and rejoice in God’s faithfulness in its completion and the continuation of Talbot’s legacy.

Symphonic Winds blasted a trumpet salutation as leaders from various institutions, pastors, church leaders, donors, Talbot school of Theology alumni, faculty, students, parents and supporters of the university, like long-time patron Virginia Moats, settled into seats on the green of Meztger Lawn.

Legacy founded in faithfulness

“Today is October 14, 2011, it’s a historic day. A day of remembrance, a day of thanksgiving, a day of reflection, a day of blessing, that God has distilled upon this university now 103 years old,” proclaimed President Barry Corey.

Over 800 donors from all over the world and thirty-six states gave to the $18.2 million dollar project and their names are listed in alphabetical order inside the building, acknowledging simply their obedience to God and not listing them in any way to show the monetary amount of the donation.

“There is a story that is written inside this building and I invite you to read it later on about the Miracle of May,” Corey said. In 2010, the Biola community fasted and prayed for forty days about the additional $6 million dollars that was needed for the completion of the building.

“We saw in those forty days, time and again, beyond our own realm of predictability what God would do so that when this building was up we could not say what a great team we have but what a great God we serve. So to God be the glory great things he has done,” Corey said.

Prayers by current Talbot Students were said in Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin and English before the Biola University Chorale sang “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me.”

Six banners proclaiming the institution’s commitments to its legacy, community, biblical scholarship, truth and testimony were dropped in turn as current Talbot students, professors, pastors and alumni spoke about how Talbot has been faithful throughout the years in carrying out these values.

Together in Christ

“Throughout its history Talbot has held firm to the faithful word, never backing down from its conviction that the Bible is not peripheral to the pursuit of knowledge, but absolutely central,“ said Frank Pastore radio talk-show host, “Talbot remains committed to that conviction on this day in which we dedicate our new Talbot building, may God receive the glory.”

As the ribbon was about to be cut by President Corey, who was surrounded by a small entourage of the Talbot faculty, La Mirada city officials, pastors, students, undergraduates and those involved in construction, silence settled over the crowd. Cameras flashed, heads were craned and a cheer rose up as the ribbon fell.

The Biola community stood as one in closing and sang together the words “On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand.”

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