Staff Editorial: best practices for Torrey Conference

Torrey Conference is an opportunity for students to rest in God and grow spiritually, but it is also a good time to relax and have some fun.

Chimes Staff, Writer

This year, the theme is Sabbath. Part of the overarching theme will explore how we use our time. The term “time management” is repeated like a broken record on this campus, but there is a reason for that — we aren’t getting it yet. Torrey will examine, in part, how to sabbath through resting, and there is probably no better time this semester to actively engage in resting than Torrey Conference.

The semester is nearly half over and midterms now loom over our shoulders. However, Torrey can provide relief if we go about this wisely.

There is no obligation to go to every session, but make the most of where you are. Beyond just an educational opportunity, Torrey provides an opportunity for spiritual growth. Take time outside of the sessions to continue the conversation, to ponder what you’ve learned, and to connect with God.

Of course, get some sleep. It’s very easy to treat Torrey as a break. It’s very easy to turn your Tuesday night into an all-night party, knowing you have “basically a whole week to recover.” The downfall comes when you wake up 2 hours later, staring down the barrel of a very long session in a very uncomfortable chair. The difference between a Torrey session on a healthy night’s sleep and one on just an early morning nap is like night and day.

How you go into the conference will determine how much you get from each of the speakers. Be intentional about Torrey Conference by thinking about how each speaker’s message applies to you personally.

Also, do something fun to help recharge your batteries for the final half of the semester. While you shouldn’t skip out on the whole conference, missing one morning session to hit the beach can actually be a good thing. Remember those roommates you haven’t talked to since the homework bombs started dropping? Go hang out with them. And after your conference credits are situated, go camping, take a drive up to San Francisco and hit up Ghirardelli Square, go to your niece’s first birthday party, or … attend as many more conference sessions as you can.

We would all do well to be wholly present wherever we are. Try and make every session personal — and get as much as you can out of Torry Conference. Whatever it is that will prevent meltdowns when finals week rolls in, Torrey Conference can be a pause from our routine and a rest in Sabbath.

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