AS Senate Rundown: Oct. 4, 2011

The AS senate passed three pending proposals in Tuesday’s meeting and heard five others.

Christine Chan, Writer

The senate heard five proposals and passed three pending, while time constraints caused them to table pending decisions on MarCom, ISA small groups, 138 Collective, and Biola film festival proposals, bringing the first round of the new proposal system to a close until next month.

  • Senior Kesley Seitz, AS vice president of services, requested $2,950 to act as a buffer for the setup and utilities fees Facilities Services charges for events like Punk ‘N’ Pie, Fall Ball and Tailgate. Event Services does not have set prices, so a buffer would help cover any costs that the service chairs’ budgets do not cover for setup, Seitz said. She also noted that any leftover funding would be put back into contingency.
  • Sophomores Amanda Clarke and Beatriz Delgadillo, both Alpha Hall senators, requested $1,635 for the 10th annual Candy Land event, which Alpha puts on for children in the surrounding La Mirada area on Halloween night. Approximately 1,000 people are expected to show up, and while they often rely on donations, additional funding is needed for decorations that are not reusable, like the butcher paper for door decorations, Clarke said.
  • Senior Taylor Horky requested $3,000 to fund the off-campus premiere for the 2011 Biola film “Love, Jack,” on Dec. 2. The film, a period piece set in the 1930s and financially supported by the cinema and media arts department, is premiering at the Warner Grand Theatre. The money will be used toward marketing and covering the cost for each filled seat in the theatre, Horky said.
  • Junior Christen Brown, commuter senator, requested $720 for Good Morning OCC, a bi-monthly event that provides off-campus residents, including those in the Block and the Bluff, doughnuts and fruit. It also facilitates awareness of campus activities. An additional $114 was requested for the Christmas party, which Commuter Life offers for free in place of the holiday meals at the Caf, since not all commuter students have meal plans.
  • Juniors Jennifer Ezaki and Elizabeth Sprunger, resident assistants of Hart Hall’s HUOD floor, requested $1,300 for their long-standing annual event, Christmas Party. If the money is granted, admission cost will likely be reduced to half of the projected $40 per couple. If granted, couples won’t need to pay for the venue, food and decoration expenses, Sprunger said. Ezaki and Sprunger said they hoped this would help them gain more attendance.
  • Senators approved partial funding of $250 for Sola Soul by majority vote, despite the original request of $1,800, most of which would have been used to pay airfare and hotel for the headlining artist. Since most senators agreed that the event was more important than who the headlining artist was, they granted enough partial funding to pay for the remainder of the headliner artist fee only.
  • The proposal for $6,249 to have the New York Times newspapers delivered daily to campus for students for both this fall and spring semester — free of charge — was approved by majority vote. While most students were generally in favor of the New York Times returning, senators debated whether or not it would be a potential waste of money.Junior Michael Ottenad, Hart senator, said that, in the past, Hart residents have taken copies to leave in the lobby, where people would read them. Junior Christopher McGee, Stewart senator, said the same thing was seen in Stewart. McGee also believed it was important to have a newspaper on campus that covered not just local and campus stories, like The Chimes, but national and international topics as well.
  • The senate also approved a proposal requesting $2,860 to fund a Latino Worship Night, which will prominently feature art. The event, hosted by the Unidos club, previously had no budget and because of the size of the event, the scope of the project exceeded the limited club funding budget.“I think that what she’s presenting here is not just a worship night — she’s saying this will serve 450 guests. It will highlight Latino culture, and she saw the art as an important component of Latino culture,” junior Dani Decena, South Horton senator, said. “She’s doing a bigger event than just a worship night, from what I see she’s presenting it.”
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