Hidden in Plain Sight

This week’s Hidden Place is a rock — a rock that has no earthly business being on Biola’s campus. It’s a great place to sit and escape the final week of the school year. Go anytime, but know there is little light at night.

From Jesus (who I hear they are talking about painting over?), head toward the business building. Make your way past the area where the garden art installation once sat – it is now replaced by a stump and log book. Consider writing a word of thanks for the great installation.

Continue past the art gallery and library. Notice how green the leaves on the trees have become, and appreciate the sunny summer days as they’ve returned after a stint of cloudiness.

Make your way past Rose of Sharon, and cut across the angled crosswalk that leads to the business building; make sure you look both ways before crossing. Walk along the sidewalk, through the business building parking lot, passing the entrance to the Talon.

Continue along past the courtyard, and step into the grass, walking toward a small, thin tree. At its base rests a huge quartz rock.

It’s the biggest piece of quartz I’ve ever seen. It’s nearly impossible to move, even shake. It nestles up nicely to the trunk of the tree, providing a perfect place to sit and rest. Lean back on the trunk, cross your legs, or pensively sit Indian style — make yourself comfortable.

Take some time to process the crazy busy year; what are some great things that happened? What friends have you made? What things have you learned? Where are you now? Where are you going?

Take a chance to rest and find peace — be still.

A quartz corner, Hidden In Plain Sight.

Thanks to all those who supported Hidden In Plain Sight this year. Keep your eyes open for a summary of the experience online next fall, and always find time to escape the day and seek the beauty of the mundane journey, Hidden In Plain Sight.

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