Hope wins Nationball 2011

Hope defeats Sigma in the final round of Nationball.



Peter Heald lies on the floor after being hit by a dodge ball at Nationball on September 15, 2011. | Katie Juranek/THE CHIMES

Michelle Hong, Writer

Biola students flood into Chase Gymnasium during Nationball on September 15, 2011. | Ashley Jones/THE CHIMES

It was a triumphant Thursday night for those dressed in pink, as Hope Hall was crowned Nationball champion and best-dressed, triumphing over Sigma in the finals.

After three brackets, Sigma and Hope moved to the finals after battling Horton and OCC respectively. Each team chose 30 players to represent them in the semi-finals rounds. Emerson, Stewart, Alpha and Hart were eliminated in the first round of the tournament.

Hart displays Biola egg

Although Hart did not advance past the first round, they caught the attention of all by adorning the rarely seen 300-pound concrete Biola egg on its throne, fashioned from a bed frame carried in by eight Hart residents. Alpha also merited attention, winning spirit points for the loudest cheer. Alpha won by measuring a 118 on a noise monitor while Emerson took in the lowest number at 112. But it was Hope who was crowned champion in more ways than one.

Hope wins best-dressed

The best-dressed contest featured a “ring by spring” bride from Alpha with ladies in waiting graced in blue, a kilt-laden Scot and a bat-like creature from OCC, who found a friend in the Biola eagle. Despite each representative giving a good fight, it was freshman Rachel Styffe from Hope who captured the title in a believable grandma ensemble.

Other antics were more predictable. As tradition would have it, Emerson came to aid Alpha in their battle against OCC, but they were asked to get off the floor. Horton, Hope and OCC brought in the largest numbers, necessitating a game of musical chairs around Chase Gymnasium.

OCC loses in semi-finals

OCC was dethroned in the second round in their fight against Hope and Sigma came out with a seemingly unlikely win against Horton.

The gym finally began to empty shortly after 12:30 a.m., with Hope claiming the bragging rights of Nationball champions for the next year.

The Nationball tournament has come and gone, but AS is already planning an event in the spring that will take place in lieu of the spring tournament that students can look forward to.

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