Spring Intramurals come to a close

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After intramural championships this past weekend, a history-making season of competition officially came to a close.

Tennis made its historic debut this spring on Thursday nights. Freshmen Kyle Lundquist and Michael Tourtellotte were the first ever men’s tennis champions, beating their opponents 11-9 in a tiebreaker.

On the women’s side, freshman Kristen Walker and sophomore Kari Petersen were the first ever champions, winning their match 8-5.

“I had the best partner,” said Walker. “It is pretty sweet that we get to call ourselves the first women’s intramural tennis champs.”

“We were ecstatic to be a part of the first year of intramural tennis and come out as champions,” added Petersen. “For sure, we will be back next year for another good season.”

On Fridays, McNally field was a busy place to be due to intramural soccer. The games were split into two leagues consisting of 19 combined teams. The winners of the B-League were United FC, defeating Winning 11 by a score of 5-1.

“After winning the B-League Championships, I can now die a happy man knowing that my life has found completion,” said junior Ronnie Toth.

The winner of the A-Premier League was West Ham United, who defeated Goose FC 4-3.

Softball competed on Saturday mornings and featured two leagues consisting of 16 combined teams. The A-League champions for softball were the Pirate Monkeys who crushed Torrey 20-7 in the championship game.

In B-League action, Afternoon Delight took the title by a score of 25-10 over Driftwood.

The season’s most popular sport was basketball. There were so many teams this year that teams had to be divided five ways – men’s C-League, two B-Leagues, an A-League, and a women’s league.

The winner of the men’s A-League was Christ Like who defeated Samurai 70-55. The B-League West champions were the Buckskins, who beat The Team by a score of 48-30.

“It felt really great to win as a team,” said Zach Ross of the Buckskins. “We played some great opponents and feel fortunate to have come out on top.”

The B-League East champion was Hope BC as they won a closely contested game over Team Potential, 58-51.

The men’s C-League champions were the Banana Warriors, who beat the Ultimate Underachieving Underdogs 44-26.

In the women's league, Acid Rain came out on top, defeating the Dream Team 26-14.

And though this season is finished, next fall’s intramural program promises to bring plenty more excitement to campus.