Staff Editorial: called to serve, lack of time

Biolans are service-minded but find a conflict between the abundance of opportunities and lack of time.

Chimes Staff, Writer

As a university we have been thinking a lot about sacred space this year, and it is important to realize that the Biola campus is not a space entirely of its own but is part of a larger community. Forgetting this reality means bowing in defeat to the ominous “Biola Bubble” — the thought that the campus is a tight-knit, impenetrable fortress, closed off to outside world.

Disproving such an assumption is as easy as leaving the grounds, just a step outside reveals the diversity all around us. Campus ministries are a great way to take that step and connect with nearby communities outside of Biola.

Service opportunities abound around campus, but sadly, our spare time does not. We are required to take Bible classes and attend chapel — but a student can easily get lost in those obligations and never spend a moment serving others during their time at Biola.

To be sure, we are here at Biola for a college-level education. This means excelling in our studies and meeting university requirements. On the other hand, we are called as followers of Christ to serve no matter where we are.

It could be very beneficial to sacrifice some of the other requirements, say a few chapel credits, and instead require participation in ministry or a campus-organized Serve Day. Not because service should need to be required, but because giving over a bit of our time for ministry would show the world how important community service is to Biola.

This campus has a huge influence on La Mirada, and we feel a calling to influence Los Angeles as well. Our roots are in the city, so should be our hearts. By participating in activities like Serve Day or with ministries like S.A.Y. Yes! or California School Project that operate in the city, we can show the surrounding communities that we are available to them, and in-so-doing, pop the “Bubble” myth.

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