“Water for Elephants” a dramatic love story without comedy

“Water for Elephants” is a believable, dramatic love story set during the Depression.


Elisa Walker, Writer

“Water For Elephants” fits perfectly in the dramatic romance genre.

With a beautiful love story that develops slowly throughout the film and intimidating mountains the characters climb to reach their goals, “Water For Elephants” could give “The Notebook” a run for its money.

However, “Water For Elephants” is driven by the drama within the circus lifestyle and the issues of morality that ensue, while “The Notebook” is propelled by the main characters’ romance.

Jacob (Robert Pattinson) does not voluntarily pursue Marlena (Reese Witherspoon). Rather, intense moments and abuse bring them together to fight against injustice. Their battle with the film’s antagonist is what sparks their romance.

Story still relevant despite historical setting

The story, though it takes place in the Depression era, resonates with audiences today because of the moral dilemmas presented, such as spousal abuse, animal cruelty and dire living conditions for the working class.

The film presents a harsh reality of not only the Depression itself, but the actual people who lived through it.

It gives a personable and emotional account of life back then, and accurately portrays the human condition –– how someone can be so evil, yet so charming and likable.

Film portrays a believable story

The actors, script, storyline and overall feel of the movie were excellent. Witherspoon and Pattinson had great chemistry, and Christoph Waltz was ravishing as the head trainer, August.

I found everything about this film very believable, and I was thrilled that nothing was lacking.

The supporting characters in the plot were just as important as the main characters. The audience is given time to fall in love with each and every one of them –– some human and others not so human.

The animals in the film did an outstanding job with their stunt work, and carry a lot of the dramatic sequences and moral dilemmas.

The one thing that I cannot vouch for is how accurate the film is to the book of the same name by Sara Gruen.

Some filmmakers do quite well with bringing books to life, while others fail horribly. Whether or not the book is better than the film, there is no denying that “Water For Elephants” holds its own as a film.

Film has romance and drama but lacks comedy

If you’re into romance, drama or just good filmmaking, then “Water For Elephants” is for you.

However, for those who would rather see movies with explosions or comedy, this film is not for you. All elements of a good movie are present, and the story is both believable and likable. Good triumphs over evil, the just prevail and love defeats hate.

You’ll fall in love with the most surprising characters, laugh, cry and feel satisfied with the conclusion.

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