Remembering the Creator on Earth Day

This year Earth Day fell on the same day as Good Friday, providing an opportune time to reflect not only on the environment but also the Creator.

Every year, the Caf holds Low Carbon Diet Day, which is part of Biola’s effort to be more conscious of the environment. Such things are to be a part of an understanding of God as Creator, says David Pelser. | Kelsey Heng/THE CHIMES

California has some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world. We recognize it is wrong for people to pollute, to endanger species, to harm ecosystems. Yet our environmental policies do not have sufficient grounds for anything more than preserving resources for use by future generations (sustainability).

Doesn’t the environment have value apart from human utility? How small should our footprint be? Why is the human species the only species that has a moral obligation for the environment?

The existence of a Creator

There is a rational basis for our environmental obligations. The natural world has a Creator. Our human calling includes environmental stewardship so that we can use, enjoy, and protect the environment that he said is good. His existence and his characteristics are evident in the things which he made.

Creation according to science

Our universe had a beginning scientists call the Big Bang. The beginning of the universe had a cause. This cause must exist beyond boundaries of the matter, energy, space dimensions, and time that came in to being.

Remembering the Creator on Earth Day

The Creator did not keep secret his identity. To make himself known and to bring true peace to the world, he came as the carpenter from Nazareth who demonstrated power to control the elements, power to address the human condition, and power over life and death.

On this 41st Earth Day (which is also Good Friday), Jesus, the agent of creation, the eternal Son of the Father, is the one who explains our role in the natural world and who gives meaning to our environmental ethics. Jesus Christ promises peace and harmony as he ushers in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth through his work to redeem humanity and all creation.

This Earth Day, Good Friday, consider also celebrating on Easter Sunday the One who lives to restore creation to its intended state of shalom.

David A. Pelser is a guest columnist. He is the director of public works in Whittier.

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