Campus Safety apprehends Peeping Tom, warns students

Campus Safety discovered a man who claimed to have a seizure in the women’s restroom in the SUB on Thursday. In an email to students, Campus Safety warned he may have been faking a medical condition to peep on students.


A 33-year-old man was banned from campus on Thursday, after being discovered in the women’s restroom in the Student Union Building. | Elizabeth Sallie/THE CHIMES

Michelle Hong, Writer

A trespassing male was permanently banned from Biola’s campus after he attempted to peep into stalls in the female restroom in the Student Union Building at approximately 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning.

Campus Safety officers responded to a call shortly after midnight that notified them that an individual, later identified as 33-year-old Tony Page, might need medical aid, according to Justin Shelby, public information officer for Campus Safety. In under a minute, officers arrived on the scene at the restroom, where Page appeared to be recovering from a seizure, according to John Ojeisekhoba, chief of Campus Safety.

A campus-wide notification was emailed Thursday afternoon, reporting that Campus Safety officers highly suspected that the male had no medical condition, but was faking it in order to avoid being caught for peeping. Possible evidence suggested that Page was in the last stall when the call was made to Campus Safety, but by the time officers arrived he was near the sink area.

“Our primary attention was to get medical aid for the individual,” said Shelby. “We then started the investigation, the stories didn’t line up and we found he was up to no good.”

As Ojeisekhoba phrased it, Page claimed to have left the library looking for a restroom when he “all of a sudden happened to stumble across the female restroom” in the SUB. Page also claimed to have gained entry into the SUB walking in after a student.

Campus Safety officers met with Page while he was being discharged at Whittier Hospital on Thursday morning, banning him from any Biola property in an official letter. According to Ojeisekhoba, failure to comply to the terms in the letter will result in an arrest by the La Mirada sheriff’s department.

Page has two prior convictions within the past two years of being a Peeping Tom in public restrooms in the Los Angeles area. Campus Safety is reviewing six cameras for any footage that might lead them to additional information.

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