2012 presidential candidates announced, bringing different backgrounds

Campaign season is kicking off with numerous people announcing their candidacy. Elisa gives a breakdown of the candidates.

Elisa Walker, Writer


As 2012 approaches at a surprising pace, details surrounding the presidential nominees are beginning to crop up at a rate more disturbing than presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s hair. There is a big Republican pool while only one Democratic candidate has announced that he’s running — and he’s the incumbent. Who will win? Time will definitely tell.

There are many people that are “supposedly running,” and even some of these candidates have not “officially” stated that they are running. However, the moves they are making tell their constituents differently. Some are seasoned politicians that want to take a shot at the White House, while others are individuals fed up with how the country is being run. It seems that the GOP knows that since Obama is an incumbent, he has a high chance of getting re-elected, so they don’t seem to be using full force. It’s sad, but a reality. Several weeks ago, John Thune, a former Biolan and current senator, announced he was not going to run in 2012. But, he may prove to be a viable VP candidate for the Republican nominee.

For the most part, the incumbent party rarely tries to run against one of their own, and unless support wanes for Obama, he’s the shoe-in candidate for the dems.



Michele Bachmann


Rick Busch

Fast Facts
Minnesota Congresswoman

  • Announced running interest as of March 11
  • Current chair of Tea Party Caucus
  • Pro-life
  • Voted against bailouts
  • Anti-ObamaCare



Haley Barbour


Fast Facts
Mississippi Governor
Republican Governors Association Chair

  • Announced running interest as of February 27
  • Pro-life
  • Proposes plan to pay off deficit with no new taxes
  • Champion of Second Amendment Rights



Newt Gingrich


Fast Facts
Former Speaker of the House

  • Announced running interest as of March 3
  • Opposes judicial activism
  • Proponent of flat-rate tax system
  • Free market economist
  • Limited government



Donald Trump


Fast Facts
Billionaire Celebrity Real Estate Guru

  • Announced running interest at Conservative Political Action Conference in February
  • Proposes one-time 14.5 percent tax increase on the wealthy to eliminate debt
  • Pro-choice (except partial-birth abortions)
  • In favor of ObamaCare



Barack Obama


Fast Facts

  • Likely to go unchallenged for Democratic nomination
  • 46 percent approval rate
  • Overall, 21 percent of voters strongly approve of Obama’s presidency, so far, while 39 percent strongly disapprove
  • Announced re-election campaign in March
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