Biola tennis teams beat Hope International

The men and women’s tennis teams win their matches against Hope International Wednesday.

Erik Markus, Writer

Biola tennis has one conference match left in the the season before they enter the Ojai Tournament, which starts April 28. Both tennis teams rebounded well in their match against Hope International Wednesday April 12, despite their defeat against APU Friday.

In the match against Hope International, both teams were ready to bring their best effort. Biola men’s and women’s won their matches 9-0, The Biola teams recognized the drastic skill difference between the two teams. The Eagles knew they could notch another win, but could not let their guard down.

Biola focuses on respecting opponents in defeat and victory

“We still need to glorify God in how we play,” freshman Kia Choi said.

Choi emphasized the focus on the way they treated their opponents –– the team knows to treat their opponents respectfully because nobody enjoys losing. Choi expressed the importance her team placed on respect, by playing hard, but not boasting about their performance.

Biola men’s team decisively wins match 9-0

For the men, they approached the situation as they would any other match. They executed to the best of their ability, winning the important points to lead them to a commanding victory.

“It was a routine victory … just a day of tennis in the park,” Leopold said. Leopold was glad to be back after being benched in the match against Concordia. The Biola men have grown tremendously since their last game, winning this one 9-0, in comparison to their 6-3 win last time.

Teams face Point Loma Nazarene Saturday

Biola tennis will face Point Loma Nazarene University on Saturday at 10 a.m. at Biola. Point Loma’s men’s team is ranked sixth in the NAIA, and their women’s team is ranked third.

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