Senate rundown: reallocations of funds approved

On Tuesday, April 5, senators reallocated funds for new purposes and discussed Caf committee updates.

Sarah Seman, Writer

Senators discuss congestion on campus

Commuters struggle to get on campus, while some freshmen and sophomores can’t seem to get off campus, according to senators. Lizzie Neely, Associated Student president, presented this issue to the Council of Academic and Student Administration March 31. The council said they would like more student feedback on how crowded the university feels. The Caf and parking lots are the most congested areas, senators agreed. Dorms are also getting tight with tripling in Horton Hall, Stewart Hall and Sigma Chi Hall.

“We’re starting to feel the squeeze,” Hart senator junior Ryan Freudenburg said.

Linzy Spann, vice president of marketing and communications, made two reallocation proposals to the senate, both of which were passed.

Money reallocated for spring banquet

$1,500 has been reallocated from the AS Department of Religious and Academic Relations fund to the AS Social Board spring banquet fund. ASDRAR originally had this money set aside to use for the spring debate, which won’t take place this year. The reallocated money will pay for additional chairs, tables and linens to be used at the Avalon in Hollywood during the spring banquet on April 16. If funds were not put towards this, only 150 students could attend because of Avalon’s limited resources.

Money reallocated for AS website reconstruction

The Executive Board proposed to reallocate $9,759.77 from the ASDRAR spring debate fund to be used for the reconstruction of the AS website. Spann said it normally costs between $18,000 and $20,000 to do a complete website reconstruction, and AS wants stay up-to-date with the changing scope of the university and society as a whole.

“[The money would] boost marketing in AS and provide more avenues for students to communicate with us,” Spann said.

Normally, the budget for something in this realm would be discussed and potentially granted in August. However, the Executive Board wanted to make good use of the current funds that have become unexpectedly available due to the cancellation of the spring debate and also to allow a head start for the newly installed director of marketing and communications. Junior John Drebinger, AS vice president, said that the Executive Board felt it would be good to give the director a little push so that they could hit the ground running.

Some senators oppose reallocations

“I’m hesitant of spending that much of seniors’ money, of my money, for AS,” said junior Joel Farbman, commuter senator, who voted against the reallocation.

Others who voted against the proposal were juniors Sigma senator Kris Yee, Stewart senator Jordan Brunett and Emerson senator Tomas Gustafson.

Brunett said it would make more sense to use the money for contingency.

“This is taking budgeted money from this semester and putting it towards next semester,” Yee said.

Drebinger said that the theory should be considered.

“It’s a good use in an administrative sense,” Drebinger said.

After a lengthy discussion, the majority of senators voted to reallocate the $9,759.77 to the AS director of MarCom discretionary fund.

Caf committee shares updates with senate

Starting spring break, students can swipe ID cards at the Talon and Eagle’s in place of Caf meals.

During an open forum, Brunett announced that after spring break, students who have the 10 meal plan will be able to swipe their card in the Talon or Eagle’s in place of a Caf meal. This has been something that senators have brought up in the past, and Steve Rall, manager of Bon Appétit, has been working towards for some time.

Brunett updated everyone on several other topics that the Caf committee has been discussing such as the installation of bigger TV in the Caf and the installment of one in Eagle’s Nest in order to show Eagle Vision News on these screens. The eating facilities for the second Talbot building are also being discussed. The committee is considering putting in a convenience store, a restaurant similar to Eagle’s Nest or an Asian Wok.

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