Biola students go barefoot for change

On April 5, 2011 TOMS Day Without Shoes caused Biolans to go barefoot in order to raise awareness about children without shoes.


Katie Juranek

Students show their support in TOMS Day Without Shoes around campus on Tuesday, April 5. |Katie Juranek/THE CHIMES

Amber Amaya, Writer

On Tuesday, April 5, Biolans stepped outside their comfort zones to participate in TOMS’ One Day Without Shoes. Since 2007 TOMS has promoted One Day Without Shoes to raise awareness about the need for children’s shoes in developing countries. Yesterday, TOMS CEO Blake Mycoskie, also known as TOMS Chief Shoe Giver, was on campus filming a promo for the company’s new one-for-one products.

A day in someone else’s shoes

Biolans who participated in the One Day Without Shoes raised awareness about children who live without shoes by going a whole day bare foot.

“It’s just one day,” said, freshman Kendra Corman, “Nothing that we’re going to encounter, if the blacktop is hot or rocky, is worse than what people who do not have shoes go through daily.”

Freshmen Margaret Nale and Madison Krueger said they participated in One Day Without Shoes because it was a good opportunity to raise awareness and to experience life from a different perspective.

“I was motivated by the video that was played at Mission’s Conference,” said Nale, “It’s a different way to raise awareness about people without shoes and it doesn’t cost anything.”

Biolans united for the cause

Corman said that the day without shoes helped her be more empathetic to the children who daily live without shoes but also that the day united Biolans together for the cause.

“When I was walking around campus and would see people who were also not wearing shoes, we’d kind of nod at each other,” said Corman, “It’s kind of like a common bond.”

Issues with going barefoot

Biolans who did participated in the day without shoes encountered an issue when entering the caf. Caf policy states students who enter must wear shoes at all times. Corman said she carried a pair of flip flops in her bag for that reason and Nale and Krueger mentioned they were going back to their rooms to put on shoes before going to dinner at the caf.

Motivation behind participation

Some Biolans expressed concern that participation in One Day Without Shoes was based off of trendiness more than calling attention to the cause.

“it’s an opportunity to experience life in a different way and in a different person’s perspective,“ said Krueger, “I don’t don’t think wanting to be trendy is ever a valid reason to do something.”

“…but either way it still raises awareness,” added Nale.

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