Concordia beats Biola women’s tennis team

Biola women’s tennis lost to Concordia 9-0 on Friday, April 1.



Freshman Kia Choi plays in a singles match against Concordia University on Friday, April 1, 2011. | Katie Juranek/THE CHIMES

Erik Markus, Writer

Biola women’s tennis faced off against the Concordia Eagles in a conference match Friday, April 1. The eighth-ranked Concordia Eagles beat the Biola women 9-0 in doubles and singles.

Although Biola could not grab a win in any of their matches, many played very well against the tough competition. In doubles, freshman Kia Choi and sophomore Mari Pace both played well in their doubles matches, winning a few games. In singles, Choi again fought hard as she was playing against Concordia’s top player. Freshman Maura Lopez played hard and fought throughout a long, highly-contested match in the hot sun.

After the match, Biola was able to keep their cool, as they gracefully accepted the loss keeping their dignity. Head coach Dee Henry emphasized that it is more important to keep up Biola’s reputation, than to sacrifice character for wins. Her influence has rubbed off on her team. Choi expressed that it is more important to glorify God, than it is to just stockpile victories.

Biola will be back in action Saturday, April 2 against Point Loma in San Diego.

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