Senate rundown: senators discuss Catch Me If You Can

The AS senate discussed Catch Me If You Can’s popularity and a mock AS meeting that will prepare new senators.

Sarah Seman, Writer

Christina Blake, Associated Students’ director of religious and academic relations, proposed to reallocate $800 previously allotted for a debate that will no longer take place. The senate allowed the funds to be redirected to use for housing honorariums.

Linzy Spann, AS vice president of marketing and communications, encouraged those who are interested in AS chair positions to complete their application by April 7.

During the marcom update, several senators noted that Catch Me If You Can did not seem to entice as many students as it has in previous years. Sophomore Ann Marie Cortez, Alpha Chi East senator, said that many of her constituents didn’t know how to sign up. Hart Hall senator, junior Ryan Freudenburg, suggested an additional sign-up location in addition to the one outside the Caf.

With elections coming up and new faces entering the senate, junior John Drebinger, AS vice president, informed the senate that there will be a mock AS meeting, where new senators will have the opportunity to see how proposals are made and what sort of debate occurs in the senate. Additionally, new senators will have the chance to meet one-on-one with current senators and accompany them during runs where they will meet and talk to constituents in the dorms.

During the open forum, Freudenburg suggested that the AS Conference Room should include a projector and sound system to better facilitate AS and the many other speakers who use the room.

Junior Alexis Hinton, Bluff senator, said she has noticed the lack of information that Biola offers to students interested in applying to graduate school. She noted that Biola should foster the pursuit of higher education, and the lack of information may be deterring students. Many senators concurred.

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