Rumors of Justin Bieber attending Biola nullified [updated]

Rumors of Justin Bieber coming to Biola have been denied by officials, who say he has not applied.

Justin Bieber, teen music phenomenon recently released a movie about his life. Many students had hoped Bieber would attend Biola University. | Photo courtesy of

Emily Arnold, Writer

It looks as if Justin Bieber will not be attending Biola University any time soon — not because his application was rejected, but because, contrary to popular belief, he never even applied.

Justin Bieber rumors strike Biola

For the past few weeks, the possibility of Bieber becoming a Biolan has been a hot topic. Students mulled over the rumors and imagined what it would be like to have such a world-renown celebrity attending the university, but the Biola community can now officially know the answer to the question everyone has been asking.

Officials stated that they have yet to receive an application from Bieber. Those who have confirmed the falsity of the speculations include Andre Stephens — senior director of undergraduate admissions, Brenda Velasco — manager of public relations and internal communications and Jenna Bartlo — media relations coordinator.

“Just talked to my boss and looked through the online database, and my boss talked to the head of undergraduate admissions,” said senior Larissa Brown, who works in the Admissions office. “Definitely just a rumor.”

Truth about Bieber elicits Biola student reactions

The truth of the matter has left some disappointed— namely girls who were hoping Bieber would give them the ring by spring they have been waiting for — but at the same time, has pacified others.

When convinced of the possibility of Bieber attending Biola, many students expressed concern. Several of the conversations took place on Facebook, especially after someone created a false Justin Bieber profile on Facebook with information stating that he studies at Biola University. The misspelling of his last name on the account reveals its falsity. (Remember: I before E except after C.) News feeds have recently been flooded with Biolans’ reactions to the rumors.

“It’d be awesome if he got educated well and spread Jesus to the world, but there are practical issues of security, privacy, paparazzi, crazy fans, et cetera that I’m worried about,” sophomore Stacey Park said. “I’d love it if he could come and get educated here if he didn’t bring so much extra with him.”

Others like sophomore Haley Hood said they wouldn’t know how to react if Bieber truly were coming to Biola.

“Okay, someone tell me the truth about this silly rumor,” senior Josue Jimenez said on Facebook. “Is Justin Bieber applying to Biola? If so, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Bieber college rumors not only at Biola

While many Biolans may find it noteworthy that hearsay attached this teen phenomenon to their very own university, this isn’t the first time this has happened. An article published by the London Free Press in December reported that rumors were flying around regarding his attendance to University of Western Ontario.

“This only became such a widespread rumor here because every girl in our school is obsessed with him,” sophomore Nicholas Chiurazzi said in a recent Facebook post.

The Bieber rumor appeared last year, but it didn’t reach as many believing ears as it has in the past few weeks.

Group of students encourages rumor

According to freshman Joshua Suaverdez, the rumor was catalyzed a few weeks ago when the idea struck a group of guys who live on North Heat, on the second floor in Hart. They thought, “What if we started a rumor that Justin Bieber is going to come to Biola?” They set out and started intentionally mentioning it to people, and soon enough, everyone was wondering about the validity of the rampant rumors.

“The guys always come back onto the floor laughing and saying, ‘This is the best,’ after hearing another person talking about it or finding out there’s another person who’s convinced,” Suaverdez said. “They think it’s funny how detailed the rumor got because it started so simply.”

Idea escalates

When they planted the rumor, it was only, “Justin Bieber is thinking about coming here,” and within weeks, it escalated. Slowly, more details were added on as evidenced on Facebook, twitter and in day-to-day conversations around Biola. Many students accredited different officials, saying they had supposedly confirmed his application — be that people in Admissions or the Associated Students adviser. Somehow, people began believing he had even applied to be in the Torrey Honors Institute.

“Mr. Bieber is welcome to apply to Torrey, but has yet to do so,” said John Mark N. Reynolds, Director of the Torrey Honors Institute. “If he wishes to, he best hurry because this is our most competitive year. In other bad news for Mr. Bieber, his book has not been added to the Torrey canon, though many Torrey men have regrettably adopted his hair cut.”

“The funniest thing is that their main goal was to reach ‘The Chimes,’” Suaverdez said of the Hart residents’ intentions.

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