Biola brings Starbucks to campus

The coffee cart on campus transitioned from Seattle’s Best to Starbucks.



The campus coffee cart that serves outside of Sutherland Auditorium has switched their brew to Starbucks. Four different coffees are now sold on campus, including Seattle’s Best, Pura Vida and Halo Brand. |Katie Juranek/THE CHIMES

Kayle Fields, Writer

Starbucks came to the Biola campus Monday Feb. 28, when the coffee cart at Sutherland Hall switched from Seattle’s Best Coffee to Starbucks Coffee.

Steve Rall, General Manager of Bon Appetit, said he is excited to launch the selling of Starbucks Coffee on Biola University’s campus for the first time, adding to the variety of coffee served on campus. That variety includes Seattle’s Best in Common Grounds, Pura Vida in Eagle’s Nest and Halo Brand in The Talon, according to Rall.

Rall said Starbucks wanted to bring their flavor to The Talon when the business building was under construction, but Biola said no. Biola initially chose to sell Halo Brand coffee in The Talon instead of Starbucks Coffee because Biola liked the Christian-themed mission statement of the company.

Starbucks comes to campus after consideration

January marked the beginning of Rall’s efforts to bring Starbucks to the Sutherland courtyard coffee cart, and after a few weeks of deliberation, Starbucks agreed to bring their products to a select part of Biola’s campus.

Training for the coffee cart workers was held by Starbucks on Friday.

Prices will not change

Hours, employees and prices will stay the same through the change of coffee companies, Rall said. While Starbucks’ products will be sold, prices will not reflect Starbucks’ retail prices, but will remain the same prices as Seattle’s Best, saving Biola students money.

According to Rall, the coffee cart will offer Starbucks’ coffees, lattes and espressos, but will not sell blended drinks or iced teas. Flex points will be accepted, while Starbucks cards will not.

Rall said that if there is a positive response to the addition of Starbucks, there is a possibility of seeing more Starbucks Coffee around Biola’s campus.

Coffee cart staff excited for change

Marianna McComb, student manager of the coffee cart, said she is getting excited for the change and said that the machines have been reconfigured for the new Starbucks products. She hopes that the Starbucks label on the coffee cart will bring more students, faculty and staff to the convenient cart.

“I’m looking forward to it because it’ll make us different from the rest of the coffee places on campus,” freshman Sarah Vaughan, a coffee cart employee, said. “I think it’ll draw more attention because of the name.”

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