“Minute to Win it” seeks contestants at Biola

NBC’s game show comes to campus for an open casting call.

Minute to Win it seeks contestants at Biola

Alyssa Alvarez, Writer

Casting assistant Ali Bestolarides and NBC casting director Aaron Simnowitz pose behind the Minute to Win it table in front of the SUB Feb. 9. ALYSSA ALVAREZ/ The Chimes

Editor’s Note: We have corrected the misspelling of Samantha Weng’s name.

Many Biola students exiting chapel on Wednesday spent more than a minute at a table in front of the SUB where casting directors from NBC’s game show “Minute to Win it” were accepting signups for an open casting call in Hollywood.

The game show is a beat-the-clock competition designed to test one’s dexterity, and often cleverness, in utilizing household items. With narration and commentary by host Guy Fieri (chef and TV personality from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives), the contestants have60 seconds each round for a shot at one million dollars.

Funky challenges

The strange competitions have been known to include stacking seven Ding Dongs on the forehead or using swim flippers to pick up a tortilla and flip it up onto a plate balanced on the head. The casting directors are currently touring colleges in Los Angeles and across the U.S. searching for their next millionaire.

Aaron Simnowitz, casting director with NBC and Biola alumnus was glad to be back at his alma mater. He was also happy to see all the energetic personalities and smiling faces of Biola’s current students.

“College students make the best contestantsbecause they are so energetic and competitive,” said Simnowitz.

Who makes the cut

These traits, as well as fun, outgoing “big personalities” are exactly what the directors are looking for in potential contestants.

“They have lots of school pride and since so many of them are fans of the show, they all sign up in hopes of getting picked so they can represent Biola, or see one of their friends representing Biola,” said Simnowitz.

Pages and pages of filled sign-up sheets on the table evidenced his words.

“The way we’re casting today is interest first, and we call for auditions and selection later,”explained casting assistant Ali Bestolarides.

Biola students try their luck

Samantha Weng, a senior transfer bio chemistry major, was one of those interested students.

“I’m here signing up with my friends,” she said. “I’ve watched the show and it’s cool the way they use household items in the games.”

Eric Chang, a Biola alumnus as of last spring, also signed up with his friends. “I thought it would be cool to get picked, it would be fun,” he said.

Missed the signup but would love to give it a shot? NBC.com/casting

“Minute to Win It” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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