Biola’s women’s lacrosse team looking forward to first season

Biola’s women’s lacrosse team is practicing hard for its first official season.


Courtney Cocoris, Rocci Medawar and Lindsey Welch are co-captians of the newly created Biola lacrosse team. KELSEY HENG/The Chimes

Daniel Austell, Writer

With protective goggles fixed over eyes and lacrosse sticks in hand, they sprint up and down field, passing off a dense rubber ball about the size of a baseball between themselves with speed and accuracy. They are the young women on Biola’s campus who have fallen in love with the first American sport. It was invented by Native Americans to train for battle. You may see some ladies carrying a Crosse (the formal name for the lacrosse stick with the net on top) as they walk about Biola’s campus. Why? Because they are probably members of Biola women’s lacrosse—a new Eagles team about to enter its first season.

The club was formed in the spring semester of 2010 by sophomore Courtney Cocoris and junior Samantha Aviles. They talked after attending the information session about starting clubs and quickly started the process.

“The process in starting up a club was easy at first,” Cocoris said. “All we had to do was fill out a form, find an advisor and then wait to get approved. Once we were approved it was a lot of work. We had to find times to practice on the field, get the word out; we participated in club rush, and started practicing last spring around mid-semester. We also had to start looking for the proper league to be a part of.”

Team to play eight games this season

This year they confirmed a spot in the Division II South Conference of the Western Women’s Lacrosse League. They are set to play eight games, competing against major club teams like Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, Chapman, and University of Nevada- Las Vegas. With a team of 18 women—most new to the sport—Cocoris expects the season to be a learning and growing experience. And other team leaders are showing excitement.

“I think the girls are going to do great,” sophomore Lindsey Welch said. “We played in a practice tournament earlier in November, and through the games the team improved so much. I was amazed. I definitely think we will win some.”

Team strives for athletic and spiritual excellence

To prepare for the season, the team practices four times a week. Cocoris, Welch, and sophomore Rocci Medawar meet each week to devise a practice plan. They have relied on their own experiences playing lacrosse in high school and have sought the advice of their old coaches. As they wait for a coach to join the team, they are building endurance with sprints and frequent running, strength through conditioning, and stick skills through repetitive drills and scrimmaging.

But the team’s ultimate goal is to demonstrate a Christ-like attitude on and off the field. They want to show their competitors who Christ is through the way they play the game. This doesn’t mean they will be loving pushovers. Cocoris sees the Eagles fielding an aggressive and formidable team. They are determined to keep fighting, to share the gospel through competition, and above all to honor God in the process.

The Eagles’ season schedule will be officially released on Jan. 1.

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