Poetry Lounge article abuses journalism

Journalistic privileges abused in controversial Poetry Lounge piece.

Dear Editor,

I am writing out of concern for the article published last week about the Poetry Lounge. As a fellow journalist, I was saddened to see journalistic privileges taken advantage of in the form of a feature story. What was written was an opinion, and a slightly hostile opinion at that. The fact that this story went through several revisions is concerning to me in that the author clearly had a hostile view of the event and was not capable of writing an unbiased piece.

Also, this was just another Biola event that happened to be put on by the Multi-Cultural Relations department. An event such as the Eddy would not have gotten this kind of coverage. The language in this article was entirely too strong and though there has been an apology offered by both you and the author, I would like to ask for a retraction.
I would like to offer my opinion that in the future The Chimes writers take the time to more carefully research sensitive topics such as racial reconciliation.

Randa M. Hinton
undergraduate student

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